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Top Gear - Winter Olympics
Top Gear
Release Date June 5, 2006
Format DVD
Region 2
Distributor BBC
Disc Count 1
Episode Count
Running Time 58 minutes
Retail Price £15.99
Video 16:9
Audio Dolby Digital Stereo
Subtitles English



In February 2006 the world's top sports athletes headed for Turin to take part in the Winter Olympics. Meanwhile, Jeremy, Richard and James went the wrong way and ended up in Norway, where they decided to host their own Top Gear Winter Olympics. The resulting programme became a TV classic, or will do in a while.

Disc Breakdown

Relive the Top Gear Olympic events, including:

The Biathlon:
Jeremy and James let rip with machine guns and race an Audi Q7 and a Volvo XC90 beyond the limit in the Top Gear biathlon.

The Mini Ski Jump:
Can a rocket powered Mini beat a speed skier down a ski jump?

Suzuki Swift Ice Hockey:
Mayhem and mangled metal in the world premier of this all action sport.

Jaguar XK vs. Speed Skater:
Can the brand new Jaguar outrun an Olympic speed skater on ice?

Stig Ski Jump:
The Stig risks his wedding tackle in a death defying snowmobile jump from the top of a ski jump.

Special Features

The Stig's Training Regime Footage


Behind the Scenes

Easter Eggs