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Sex with Pudding
Sex with Pudding
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate March 20, 2000
Production Number 1ADK-01
Writer(s) Jack Kenny
Brian Hargrove
Director(s) Jeff Melman

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Dad's Dead
TitusSeason One

Sex with Pudding is the first episode of the first season of Titus, and the first episode overall. When Titus believes that Erin is having an affair, he, Dave and Tommy go to her office in order to confront her.

Starring: Christopher Titus (Christopher Titus), Cynthia Watros (Erin Fitzpatrick), Zack Ward (Dave Titus), David Shatraw (Tommy Shafter)

And: Stacy Keach (Ken Titus)

Guest Starring: Lesley Ferra (Paula)

Co-Starring: David Courier (Jim), Randy Lowell (Lewis), David Bottrell (Bobby), Marsha Kramer (Eva), Phoenix Forsyth (10-Year Old Titus), Dylan Capannelli (5-Year Old Titus), Adam Hicks (5-Year Old Dave)


Plot Overview

Opening Monologue

When you're born, you're pure. Unspoiled and trusting. I believed everything and everyone. Then I met my parents. At 5 years old, I was a double agent. I had to be. Dad's been married 5 times and I swore I'd never be like my dad. Or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom. Or my mom. Instead, I've chosen to always give the benefit of the doubt and live in total trust. Erin's the one. She's my heart, she's my soul. She owns me. And when you give yourself to someone so completely, you've got to make sure she's not screwing around.

The Show

Concerned that Erin is cheating on him, Titus goes to where she works in order to comb for details about the possible affair but winds up running into Erin on accident. He, Dave and Tommy attempt to save face by claiming they're there to take her out to lunch, but because it's 11:00, she (reluctantly) tells them to wait in her office. There, Titus goes through her desk and laptop looking for clues to her alleged affair. In her e-mail, Titus finds an incriminating e-mail from someone named "Pudding."

Erin comes back to her office to find it in shambles and tells him that she isn't having an affair and this isn't Titus' problem. He eventually realizes that Tommy knows what's going on and menaces him into spilling the secret of Erin being sexually harassed. Titus and Dave offer to beat up whoever's doing it, but Erin declines, saying that she needs to solve the problem herself.

Titus begins to leave the office, but when Tommy mentions that Erin is "in danger," his unlearning curve for his father's motto of "extreme measures get extreme results" kicks in. He accidentally starts to hold the entire office hostage trying to find out who "Pudding" is. Several of the men in the office come forward (including "Funny Jim"). Just when everything seems to work out, Erin's boss comes in and realizes that she's the one who was harassing her because she mistakenly thought Erin was gay.

While Titus and Erin make up, Dave accidentally sets a trash can on fire and edges towards the elevator.


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The Show

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