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The Wayans Bros./The Sting

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The Sting
Season 2, Episode 9
Airdate November 15, 1995
Production Number 457710
Writer(s) Devon K. Shepard
Xavier R. Cook
Director(s) Tony Singletary
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Head of State
2x10 →
Think Fast
The Wayans Bros.Season Two

Guest Starring: Phill Lewis (T.C.), Mitch Mullany (White Mike)

Co-Starring: Damon Standifer (Kitchen), Vanessa Hampton (Female Customer)


Plot Overview

Shawn listens carefully to Pops' lecture on the evils of poker -- then risks everything on a single hand, and ends up losing his newsstand to T.C. After T.C. takes over ownership, Shawn's pride is on the line, and he challenges T.C. to double or nothing, with Pops' diner as the prize.