The War of the Worlds (George Pal)

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The War of the Worlds
Creator George Pal
Based on the novel by
H.G. Wells
Style Sci-fi drama
Origin USA

Sometime between 1972 to 1975 (no reliable source for a more specific year), George Pal attempted to develop a TV series based on The War of the Worlds, the 1953 film he produced. To stir interest, he made a pitch reel consisting of footage from the movie, illustrations, and a live action scene with unknown actors, all narrated by an unidentified voice over. The series doesn't seem to have been based on the idea of being a sequel to the film, but simply incorporating certain elements, as the plot synopsis given runs contradictory to things in the film.

The story is that late in the 20th century, human civilisation has prospered under peace and maintained what could easily described as a utopia - all tarnished when Earth is invaded by aliens. They devastate the planet with weaponry "beyond human imagination" for decades until they succumb to Earth's bacteria. The motherships in orbit retreat to regroup, but Earth sends six starships to pursue. Among them is the ship Pegasus, under the command of Captain James Anderson. They chase the invaders into Alpha Centauri and to a planet they call Mega. However, because of an ionised belt, communication between Pegasus and Earth is cut off, leaving the International Federation to presume they are lost and retrieve the five other ships to safeguard the planet. With Pegasus also having lost track of the motherships, Captain Anderson sends scouts to follow up on a distress signal coming from the planet. There they find the remains of an exploratory party sent about 15 years earlier. They also find the aliens who invaded Earth, revealed to be servants of an unseen power. The crew of Pegasus will also find a race of primitive men and the remains of the exploratory mission, now mind-controlled robots. They, along with many others, Anderson and his crew will face before they are eventually led to the source of the evil, a planet named Endor.





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