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Below is a complete listing of all songs which were used for the HBO series The Sopranos. Note: Scene descriptions may contain spoilers!


Main Theme

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Woke Up This Morning (Chosen One Mix)¹ A3 Rev. Wayne Love &
Chester Burnett (m. & l.)
Opening credits sequence

Season One

1x01 - The Sopranos

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Welcome (Back) Land of the Loops Tony wakes up and walks out to get the paper
Who Can You Trust? Morcheeba Skye Edwards,
Paul Godfrey &
Ross Godfrey (m.)
Tony sees the ducks come to his swimming pool
Shame, Shame, Shame Shirley & Company Sylvia Robinson (m. & l.) Carmela makes breakfast for Meadow and A.J.
I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying Sting Sting (m. & l.) Tony comes in from the pool
The Other Side of This Life Jefferson Airplane Fred Neil (m. & l.) Christopher drives Tony to work
I Wonder Why Dion & the Belmonts Maxwell Anderson (m.)
Ricardo Weeks (l.)
Tony chases down Mahaffey
Rumble Link Wray Mark Grant &
Link Wray (m.)
Tony and his crew meet at Centanni's
Can't Be Still Booker T & the MG's Steve Cropper,
Al Jackson Jr.,
Booker T. Jones &
Lewie Steinberg (m.)
Tony sees Junior at Vesuvio
Who's Sorry Now? Connie Francis Harry Ruby &
Ted Snyder (m.)
Bert Kalmar (l.)
Tony gives Livia a CD player
I'm a Man¹ Bo Diddley Ellas McDaniel (m. & l.) Christopher kills Emil Kolar
Theme from The Rockford Files Mike Post &
Pete Carpenter (m.)
Tony and Livia tour the retirement home
Fired Up! Funky Green Dogs Ralph Falcon (m. & l.) Bada-Bing dance music
Lumina Joan Osborne Eric Bazilian &
Joan Osborne (m. & l.)
Meadow refuses to go with Carmela
Little Star The Elegants Arthur Venosa (m.)
Vito Picone (l.)
Dick Barone drives up to Tony at the dump
Tardes de Bolonha Madredeus Rodrigo Leão (m.) The New York restaurant
No More I Love You's Annie Lennox David Freeman &
Joseph Hughes (m. & l.)
A.J.'s second birthday barbecue
The Beast in Me¹ Nick Lowe Nick Lowe (m. & l.) Closing credits

1x02 - 46 Long

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Piel Morena Thalía Kike Santander (m. & l.) Truck Driver drives
A Whiter Shade of Pale James Gandolfini Gary Brooker &
Keith Reid (m. & l.)
Tony sings at breakfast
Party Girl Ultra Naté Al Mack &
Ultra Naté (m. & l.)
Bada-Bing: Christopher brings DVD players
Instrumental Zino and the Human Beatbox Uri Kabiri &
Haim Tzinovich (m.)
Bada-Bing: Tony calls Livia
This Time Richard Blandon & The Dubs Dave Antrell (m. & l.) Big Pussy sits at his garage
Bop Hop Brooklyn Funk Essentials Lati Kronlund (m.)
Arthur Baker (l.)
Big Pussy and Paulie Walnuts search coffee shops
Let Me Call You Sweetheart Debrah Ellen Waller Leo Friedman (m.)
Beth Slater Whitson (l.)
Perrilyn sings as she works
Chica Bonita (Levante las Manos) Artie the 1 Man Party A.J. Mora (m. & l.) Big Pussy and Paulie Walnuts at Arnaz's apartment
Symphony #3, Op. 36 Dio Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki (m.) Tony has a panic attack
Battle Flag² Pigeonhed Steve Fisk &
Shawn Smith (m. & l.)
Bada-Bing: Tony beats Georgie/Closing credits

1x03 - Denial, Anger, Acceptance

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Melodia del Rio Ruben Gonzalez Ruben Gonzalez (m.) Junior and Mikey have a meal
All Through the Night Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Michele de Cesare & Choir Meadow, Hunter and their choir perform
Gawk Ethyline Ethyline (m. & l.) Meadow and Hunter study
Turn of the Century Damon & Naomi Damon Krukowski &
Naomi Yang (m. & l.)
Christopher gives Meadow her drugs
Happy Feet Paolo Conte Paolo Conte (m. & l.) Carmela's fundraiser
Tenderly Chet Baker Walter Gross &
Jack Lawrence (m.)
Tony at Irina's place
Complicated Shadows¹ Elvis Costello & the Attractions Elvis Costello (m. & l.) Closing credits

1x04 - Meadowlands

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Prisoner of Love Perry Como Russ Columbo &
Clarence Gaskill (m.)
Leo Robin (l.)
Tony and Junior face off
Ugly Stadium Tipsy Bada-Bing: Tony and the captains eat and talk
Floor Essence (Day Glo Mix) Man with No Name Martin Freeland (m.) Bada-Bing: Tony learns Jackie died
Look on Down from the Bridge Mazzy Star David Roback &
Hope Sandoval (m. & l.)
Jackie's funeral/Closing credits

1x05 - College

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Eye on You Rocket from the Crypt Speedo,
Petey X,
Apollo Nine,
JC 2000 &
Ruby Mars (m. & l.)
Christopher plays pool
Gold Leaves Michael Hoppe Michael Hoppe (m.) Tony and Meadow have dinner/Closing credits
Maine Two-Step Basin Brothers Al Berard (m.) Tony leaves Meadow with two college girls
Cadence to Arms Dropkick Murphys Fred Peters goes to an Irish bar

1x06 - Pax Soprana

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Willy Nilly Rufus Thomas Isaac Hayes &
David Porter (m. & l.)
Mikey breaks up a card game
When the Boys in Your Arms Connie Francis Roy C. Bennett &
Sid Tepper (m. & l.)
Junior at the tailor's shop
I Whistle a Happy Tune William Conn, Sylvia Kauders, et al. Richard Rodgers (m.)
Oscar Hammerstein II (l.)
Junior visits Livia at the nursing home
Coconut Boogaloo Madeski, Martin, & Wood John Medeski,
Billy Martin &
Chris Wood (m.)
Christopher comes to Tony at Satriale's
What Time Is It The Jive Five Bob Feldman &
Jerry Goldstein (m. & l.)
Tony's first erotic dream
Pampa Gustavo Santoalalla Gustavo Santoalalla (m.) Tony meets Johnny Sack at a restaurant
Happy Birthday to You Maurizio Corbino Patty Hill &
Mildred J. Hill (m.)
Tony and Carmela celebrate their anniversary
Paparazzi (Instrum Version) Xzibit Thayod Ausar &
Xzibit (m.)
The FBI photographs Junior's dinner/Closing credits

1x07 - Down Neck

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
White Rabbit Jefferson Airplane Grace Slick (m. & l.) Tony takes Prozac and flashes back/Tony and A.J. make sundaes/Closing credits
Don't Bring Me Down Eric Burdon & The Animals Gerry Goffin &
Carole King (m. & l.)
Tony sees Johnny and Junior beat a Guy up
Carrie-Anne The Hollies Allan Clarke,
Tony Hicks &
Graham Nash (m. & l.)
Tony and Junior play catch
Mystic Eyes¹ Them featuring Van Morrison Van Morrison (m. & l.) Tony hides in the trunk of Johnny's car
The Blue Danube Johann Strauss the Younger (m.) Tony sees Johnny and Junior get arrested
I've Been Lonely Too Long The Young Rascals Edward Brigati &
Felix Cavalieri (m. & l.)
Tony and Janice watch The Ed Sullivan Show

1x08 - The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
You The Aquatones David Goddard &
Larry Vannatta (m. & l.)
Christopher's nightmare
Wind Beneath My Wings Barbara Lavalle Larry Henley &
Jeff Silbar (m. & l.)
Larry Boy and Paulie discuss indictments
Turn the Beat Around Barbara Lavalle Gerald Jackson &
Peter Jackson (m. & l.)
Capos discuss indictments
Summer Wind Robert Anthony Lavalle Henry Mayer (m. & l.) Capos leave wedding
Welcome (Back) Land of the Loops Tony hides contraband in Livia's apartment
Summertime Booker T & the MG's George Gershwin &
Ira Gershwin (m.)
Paulie comes to Christopher's apartment
Frank Sinatra² Cake John McCrea (m. & l.) Christopher steals newspapers/Closing credits

1x09 - Boca

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Can't You Feel the Fire Little Steven Steve Van Zandt (m. & l.) Bada-Bing: Tony, Silvio, Artie and Coach Don Hauser celebrate
Buena Morphine Mark Sandman (m. & l.) Meadow and Ally watch music videos/Closing credits
Frente a Frente Rocio Durcal Juan Gabriel (m. & l.) Junior and Bobbi dance/Bobbi begs Junior to stay
Little Joe The Spaniels Pookie Hudson (m. & l.) Charmaine confronts Artie in the basement
South of the Border (Down Mexico Way) James Gandolfini Michael Carr (m.)
Jimmy Kennedy (l.)
Tony taunts Junior while playing golf
A-Hoy B-Tribe B-Tribe (m. & l.) Bada-Bing: Tony considers calling off the hit
There Was a Time James Gandolfini James Brown (m. & l.) Tony comes home drunk

1x10 - A Hit Is a Hit

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
A Dreamer's Holiday Ray Anthony & His Orchestra Mabel Wayne (m.) Tony, Christopher and Paulie celebrate at the hotel
DJ Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On) Yvette Michele Full Force (m. & l.) Christopher and Adriana go to Massive Genius' party
You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi,
Richie Sambora &
Desmond Child (m. & l.)
Christopher and Adriana come home after meeting Massive G
De Cara a la Pared LHASHA Lhasha de Sela (m.) Christopher and Adriana at restaurant
Defile You Defiler³ Nick Fowler &
Gregg Wattenberg (m. & l.)
Adriana plays song for Christopher/Closing credits
Erase Myself Visiting Day³ Nick Fowler &
Gregg Wattenberg (m. & l.)
Visiting Day perform at nightclub/Visiting Day cuts album/Adriana plays song for Massive G/Christopher plays song for Hesh
Fools Follow Angels Little Jimmy Willis³ Tom Harriman (m.)
Pamela Phillips Oland (l.)
Hesh looks over mementos
Why Annie Lennox Annie Lennox (m. & l.) Christopher tells Adriana Visiting Day isn't good
Nobody Loves Me but You Dori Hartley Dori Hartley &
Pete Min (m. & l.)
Christopher mopes at the Bada-Bing

1x11 - Nobody Knows Anything

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Walking on a Tightrope Johnny Adams Percy Mayfield (m. & l.) Big Pussy's back goes out at the whorehouse
The Highs Are Too High Johnette Napolitano Johnette Napolitano (m. & l.) The Feds bust up Jimmy Altieri's card game
Slide Slide The Hotheads Bada-Bing: Pussy gets back from prison
Mickey's Monkey Smokey Robinson & The Miracles Lamont Dozier &
Eddie Holland (m.)
Lamont Dozier &
Brian Holland (l.)
Carmela's open house
My Heart's Hangin' Heavy Johnny Adams Percy Mayfield (m. & l.) Tony and Makazian meet at the whorehouse
Love Theme from The Godfather Nino Rota Paulie's car horn
Lick It Up KISS Paul Stanley &
Vinnie Vincent (m. & l.)
Bada-Bing: Tony learns Makazian is dead
Manifold de Amour Latin Playboys David Hidalgo &
Louie Perez (m. & l.)
Closing credits

1x12 - Isabella

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Ugly Stadium Tipsy Bada-Bing: Christopher and Silvio talk about Tony
Tiny Tears² Tindersticks Stuart Staples,
Dickon Hinchliffe,
Dave Boulter,
Neil Fraser,
Al Macaulay &
Mark Colwill (m. & l.)
Tony takes his pills/Tony goes to his second appointment with Dr. Melfi
Cry Thornetta Davis Mike Danner,
Thornetta Davis,
Phil Durr,
Matt O'Brien &
Al Sutton (m. & l.)
Christopher tails Tony
Temptation Waits Garbage Duke Erikson,
Shirley Manson,
Steve Marker &
Butch Vig (m. & l.)
Mikey Palmice drives past Donnie Paduana
Ballad of Tindersticks (Ballad-N.Y.) Tindersticks Stuart Staples,
Dickon Hinchliffe,
Dave Boulter,
Neil Fraser,
Al Macaulay &
Mark Colwill (m. & l.)
Tony runs into Isabella outside the drug store
Milonga del Angel Al DiMeola Astor Piazzolla (m.) Tony and Isabella have lunch
I Feel Free¹ Cream Jack Bruce &
Pete Brown (m. & l.)
Closing credits

1x13 - I Dream of Jeannie Cusamano

Song Title Artist Composer Scene Description
Inside of Me¹ Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul Steven Van Zandt (m. & l.) The capos, Junior and Tony meet
Woodcabin Saint Etienne Sarah Cracknell,
Bob Stanley &
Pete Wiggs (m. & l.)
Christopher takes Jimmy to the hotel room
I'll Remember April Bobby Darin Gene DePaul (m.)
Patricia Johnston &
Don Raye (l.)
Carmela and Rosalie have lunch at Artie's restaurant
I've Got You Under My Skin Frankie Valli Cole Porter (m. & l.) Father Phil joins Carmela and Rosalie at lunch
Groove Me Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies Mike Farris,
Terry Thomas &
Rick White (m. & l.)
Bada-Bing: Tony orders a hit on Junior, Mikey and Chucky
It's Bad You Know¹ R.L. Burnside R.L. Burnside &
Tom Rothrock (m. & l.)
Tony and Silvio dispose of Chucky's body
Theme from Jeopardy! Robert Iler Merv Griffin (m.) A.J. teases Livia at Sunday dinner
Rave On Buddy Holly Norman Petty,
Bill Tilghman &
Sonny West (m. & l.)
Tony comes down to breakfast
The Four Seasons (Andrea Parker Mix) Steve Reich Steve Reich (m.) The Feds make arrests
El Gorrito Lucho Argain Tony finds Melfi has left
State Trooper¹ Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen (m. & l.) Closing credits

¹Included on The Sopranos: Music from the HBO Original Series soundtrack collection.

²Included on The Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs soundtrack collection.

³Fictitious song and performer composed and created for show.