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The Rifleman/The Bullet

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The Bullet
Season 5, Episode 21
Airdate February 25, 1963
Production Number 5244
Writer(s) Lowell Barrington
Director(s) Joseph H. Lewis
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End of the Hunt
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Requiem at Mission Springs
The RiflemanSeason Five

Guest Stars: Gene Tyburn (Deputy Ben), Dal McKennon (Judge Hopkins), Norman Leavitt (Hotel Clerk), Harry Lauter (Hired Gun), Reg Parton (Victim), Asa Maynor (Molly), Richard Anderson (Griff), Harold J. Stone (Marshall)


Plot Overview

Lucas McCain travels to a nearby town looking for a fellow member of the North Fork Cattleman's Association who has failed to return home. En route, he comes across a gambling hall owner named Griff who is trying to scare one of his patrons into paying off his gambling debts. Lucas puts a stop to it and takes Griff into the local Marshal who seems less than interested in what is going on. There's more to the Marshal than meets the eye however and he introduces Lucas to the concept of ballistics. He also has every intention of using science to prove that Grigg is responsible for killing Lucas friend.