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Season Two
The Real O'Neals
Season Premiere October 11, 2016
Season Finale March 14, 2017
Episode Count 16
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Season One



Season Two of The Real O'Neals premiered on October 11, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
14 1 The Real Thang Casey Johnson &
David Windsor
Todd Holland October 11, 2016 3.71M 1.2% 201
When Kenny, Jimmy and Shannon head back to school, Kenny decides to start the first LGBT club at St. Barklay's in honor of National Coming Out Day. After only recruiting one meek lesbian named Allison, Kenny pressures her into coming out to her family and ultimately realizes everyone's journey isn't as easy as his own. Meanwhile, Eileen realizes she might have real feelings towards VP Murray, unfortunately Pat also befriends him, which leads to an awkward situation.
15 2 The Real Dates Kristin Newman Eyal Gordon October 18, 2016 2.906M 0.9% 202
We step into the O'Neals' messy dating lives as Eileen and VP Murray's secret dating life is about to be unraveled, Kenny jumps into the world of gay dating apps but feels discouraged after not getting enough swipes to the right, and Jimmy goes too far to declare his love for Lacey. Meanwhile, Aunt Jodi meddles with Shannon's love life after mistakenly thinking she needed her help.
16 3 The Real Halloween Stacy Traub Silver Tree October 25, 2016 3.224M 1% 203
When Halloween arrives, or what Kenny refers to as "the gay Super Bowl," he plans to go to Boystown to watch the festive costume parade. In an effort to prevent Kenny from attending, Eileen agrees to let him throw his own Halloween party at home. Eileen's tolerance is ultimately tested when Kenny recruits Stuart and his gay friends to join the big party, and he makes a BIG costume change. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Shannon plan to pull off an epic Halloween prank.
17 4 The Real Move Becky Mann &
Audra Sielaff
Jaffar Mahmood November 1, 2016 2.732M 0.8% 204
When VP Murray starts spending time around the house, Pat realizes it's time to move out. Meanwhile, Eileen starts her new job at Aunt Jodi's salon, and when the kids discover how unhappy their parents were during their 18 years of marriage, they stage a celebratory "divorce ceremony."
18 5 The Real Tradition Steve Joe Rebecca Asher November 15, 2016 3.563M 1.1% 205
The O'Neals deal with a change to their Thanksgiving tradition when Pat and Eileen invite Gloria and VP Murray to dinner as their dates. Meanwhile, things don't go as smoothly planned when Gloria offers to help Kenny cook, and Eileen prepares to meet VP Murray's mom for the first time.
19 6 The Real Fit Sam Laybourne Elliot Hegarty November 29, 2016 3.291M 1% 206
Pat's brother Dwayne (who is also Aunt Jodi's ex-husband) comes to town to help Pat build his new "tiny house" in the garage. Shannon realizes Jodi and Dwayne still have chemistry, and tries to get them back together. Meanwhile, when Eileen becomes addicted to a CrossFit class she's taking with Kenny, he must find a way to break the cult-like hold it has over her.
20 7 The Real Match Adam Roberts Todd Holland December 6, 2016 3.047M 0.8% 207
When Jimmy recruits a reluctant Kenny to join his wrestling team for a one-time match, a surprise victory gives him the confidence to join the team full time to become the first, openly gay athlete at St. Barklays. Kenny's newfound stardom makes Jimmy feel a bit replaced, but when an opponent refuses to wrestle his brother, Jimmy puts his feelings aside and rallies the team around Kenny. Meanwhile, Pat injures his back trying to help Eileen prepare for a weekend getaway, but things only get worse when she tries to be the perfect caregiver to impress VP Murray but fails miserably.
21 8 The Real Christmas Robert Sudduth Rebecca Asher December 13, 2016 3.055M 0.9% 208
Eileen will stop at nothing to win the Christmas choir competition and gives the coveted Christmas choir solo to their newest member, Brett, to Kenny's dismay, while Jimmy is tasked with spying on their toughest competitor, Sheila Demars. But, when Kenny attempts to sabotage Brett's role, he finds a potential love interest. Meanwhile, Shannon accidentally gives Pat the wrong impression about a Christmas present she plans on giving to Ethan.
22 9 The Real Sin Cheryl Holliday Jude Weng January 3, 2017 3.286M 1% 209
Eileen and Pat's divorce papers come through, and Eileen realizes she is free to be with VP Murray, but their attempts are plagued with obstacles that make Eileen doubt her desires. Kenny tries to impress Brett by being a "bad boy" and gets a tattoo. Shannon puts out a petition to stop the dissection of frogs at school while Pat realizes that he needs to figure out how to be single again.
23 10 The Real Acceptance Josh Kirby &
Jon Veles
Victor Nelli January 17, 2017 2.807M 0.8% 210
After Kenny and Brett officially become a couple, Kenny starts to think of plan on how he should break the news to his parents. Meanwhile, Jimmy surprises everyone when he scores a high SAT score, forcing Eileen to hold up her end of a deal that she had previously made and takes Jimmy car shopping.
24 11 The Real Third Wheel Becky Mann &
Audra Sielaff
Todd Holland February 7, 2017 2.79M 0.9% 211
Kenny's jealousy over Brett's relationship with his best girl friend leads Kenny to realize he's been a bad friend to Allison. Jimmy and Shannon start their own ridesharing; company meanwhile, Eileen and Pat are shocked to catch Clive "cheating" on them, but ultimately discover that the three of them make a pretty good "throuple."
25 12 The Real Brother's Keeper Steve Joe Eyal Gordin February 14, 2017 2.871M 0.8% 212
Jimmy wants to teach his younger brother the rite of passage of drinking. When Shannon gets a comp hotel room due to a scam she's pulling, Jimmy thinks this is the perfect time to teach Kenny how to drink, but it all goes awry when Kenny invites Brett to join in. Meanwhile, Eileen discovers that Pat has a new girlfriend, her nemesis, Sheila DeMars.
26 13 The Real Confirmation Billy Finnegan Todd Holland February 21, 2017 2.925M 0.9% 213
When Shannon asks VP Murray to be her godfather leading up to her confirmation, Eileen fears her own relationship with him might be moving too fast. Shannon's big day also has a surprising effect on Kenny's relationship when Brett says, "I love you," sending Kenny into a tailspin. Meanwhile, the return of a hot former babysitter puts Pat and Jimmy at odds when she constantly makes passes at Pat.
27 14 The Real Heartbreak Robert Sudduth Kevin Bray February 28, 2017 3.343M 1% 214
Devastated by his break-up with Brett, Kenny tags along with Pat and Jimmy to a Lonely Hearts happy hour, but when they try to use Kenny's sadness to get attention from single ladies, Kenny inadvertently steals the show. Meanwhile, Eileen shuns the usual Valentine's Day traditions until a chance encounter changes her mind.
28 15 The Real Mr. Nice Guy Adam Roberts Jaffar Mahmood March 7, 2017 2.869M 0.9% 215
When Kenny convinces VP Murray to hire a gay teacher, Kenny's loyalties are tested when the teacher starts to make Jimmy's life miserable. Meanwhile, when Pat's courteous nature robs him of a winning lottery ticket, he decides to stop being such a nice guy with Shannon's help, which doesn't bode well for Eileen, who needs Pat's help hosting a dinner for the Bishop.
29 16 The Real Secrets Casey Johnson &
David Windsor
Todd Holland March 14, 2017 2.667M 0.8% 216
VP Murray is nervous to tell Pat about his plans to ask Eileen to marry him and is relieved to receive Pat's blessing to do so. Meanwhile, Eileen and Kenny realize how far they've come when they help Allison deal with her close-minded parents. Shannon and Jimmy discover a pregnancy test and prepare for life with another sibling.

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