The Playboy Club/Season One

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Season One
The Playboy Club
Season Premiere September 19, 2011
Season Finale October 3, 2011
Episode Count 7

Season One of The Playboy Club premiered on September 19, 2011.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Chad Hodge &
Becky Mode
Alan Taylor September 19, 2011 5.025M 1.6% 1ATE79
When new bunny Maureen begins working at the club, she quickly gets caught up in a dangerous situation with life altering consequences. Coming to her aid is Nick Dalton, one of Chicago's top attorneys and a regular at the club -- despite the tension this situation creates with his girlfriend Carol-Lynne. Meanwhile, the other bunnies, Janie, Alice and Brenda each deal with their own personal issues and secrets while the club's General Manager Billy Rosen tries his best to keep the club running without interference from the mob.
2 2 The Scarlett Bunny Chad Hodge &
Karyn Usher
Scott Winant September 26, 2011 3.97M 1.3% 1ATE01
The bunnies are excited to learn there will be a contest to be a Playboy magazine covergirl, but for some it means revealing their past. As new Bunny Mother Carol-Lynne begins training the women, especially new Bunny Maureen to be the perfect bunny, she discovers a dark secret Maureen has been hiding. Meanwhile, Nick gets Mayor Daley's support to run for District Attorney with a little help from an unlikely source.
Teleplay by Chad Hodge
3 3 A Matter of Simple Duplicity Mark Fish Lesli Linka Glatter October 3, 2011 3.47M 1.2% 1ATE02
Carol-Lynne and Billy decide to hire Doris, a new bunny at the club, only to learn she has her own hidden agenda. Tension grows between Nick and Carol-Lynne as he get into the political race and his potential campaign manager Sean sets him up with Frances Dunhill, a wealthy socialite to further his cause. Meanwhile, Maureen gets close to John Bianchi in order to keep herself safe, but learns nothing is ever easy when dealing with the mob.
4 4 The Dream House and How to Avoid It Hannah Shakespeare Kenny Ortega unaired 1ATE03
When the bunnies are asked to perform on television, all are excited to show off their talents. However, Bunny Brenda must make the hard choice to turn down the opportunity or participate and risk being disowned by her family. With Nick and Carol-Lynne's relationship back on track, John Bianchi seeks her help to get the real truth about Bunny Maureen and what happened the night his father went missing. Meanwhile, Billy finds himself in over his head in gambling debts with the wrong people and ends up losing more than just money.
5 5 Trouble in Makeoutsville Luke Schelhaas Holly Dale unaired 1ATE04
When Maureen is put in an awkward position with a club key holder, she decides to take a stand for her and her fellow bunnies. However, in the process, she ends up putting the club in jeopardy making things even worse between she and Carol-Lynne. As always, Nick is ready to help, but Billy and Carol-Lynne think his involvement will only ruin his chances at winning the State's Attorney race. Meanwhile, Alice (Leah Renee) is encouraged to go on a first date, but is hesitant about taking the next step.
6 6 A Tryst of Fate Phil Abraham unaired 1ATE05
7 7 Ding Dong Ghoul Holly Dale unaired 1ATE06