The Perry Como Show

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The Perry Como Show
Premiere December 24, 1948
Finale December 31, 1969
Host Perry Como
Network/Provider NBC
Style 15 to 60 minute comedy variety
Origin USA

The Perry Como Show (1948-1967) (later known as Perry Como's Kraft Music Hall) was a variety show starring Perry Como that aired on NBC. Como was a recording artist who, like many in early television, transitioned from a successful radio career into television. The show consisted mostly of musical numbers with some comedic skits and talk segments.


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One: Chesterfield Supper Club December 24, 1948
Season Two: Chesterfield Supper Club 1949 1950
Season Three: Chesterfield Supper Club 1950 1951
Season Four: Chesterfield Supper Club 1951 1952
Season Five: Chesterfield Supper Club 1952 1953
Season Six: Chesterfield Supper Club 1953 1954
Season Seven: Chesterfield Supper Club 1954 June 24, 1955
Season Eight September 17, 1955 1956
Season Nine 1956 1957
Season Ten 1957 1958
Season Eleven 1958 1959