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Season Two
The Path
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Season Premiere January 25, 2017
Season Finale April 12, 2017
Episode Count 13

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Season Two of The Path premiered on January 25, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Available
11 1 Liminal Twilight Jessica Goldberg Michael Weaver January 25, 2017
The Meyerist Movement tries to make sense of Doctor Meyer's mysterious departure.
12 2 Dead Moon Annie Weisman Michael Weaver January 25, 2017
With Meyerism facing dire financial straits, Cal and Sarah attend a fundraiser thrown by the Ridges for their wealthy friends. Eddie goes on a date with Chloe, the old girlfriend of his brother Johnny. Hawk experiences a transformation on a 1R retreat.
13 3 The Father and the Son Julia Brownell Michael Slovis February 1, 2017
Newly committed to his faith, Hawk rejects Eddie and finds a new father figure in Cal. Sarah's investigation increases political scrutiny for Meyerism. Abe's undercover work hurts his family. Kodiak & Richard close in on what happened to Steve in Peru.
14 4 The Red Wall John O'Connor Michael Slovis February 8, 2017
Sarah and Cal learn that the FBI is investigating The Movement. Hawk and Noa grow closer, while Mary and Sean deal with challenges to their relationship. After an outburst at the casino with Chloe, Eddie joins a support group for former cult members.
15 5 Why We Source Jessica Goldberg Norberto Barba February 15, 2017
When Sarah breaks her agreement with Libby, Hawk is arrested; Abe tries to gain Cal's trust. Threats bring Sarah and Eddie together.
16 6 For Our Safety Justin Doble Norberto Barba February 22, 2017
Eddie can't resist his feelings for Sarah, even though he is dating Chloe. Hawk ignores Sarah's wishes and moves to the city.
17 7 Providence Vanessa Rojas Michael Weaver March 1, 2017
Cal and Sarah try to save the compound from foreclosure. Hawk assumes a leadership role. Noa's wealthy mother is targeted.
18 8 Return Annie Weisman Michael Weaver March 8, 2017
Cal goes on a secret trip to Los Angeles in hopes of eliciting a big donation. Sarah visits Brenda, who reveals details about Cal and Steve's relationship.
19 9 Oz Coleman Herbert Patrick Norris March 15, 2017
Struggling with guilt, Sarah asks Cal to join her at the World Faith Conference. After an epiphany, Eddie reaches out to another denier. Hawk and Noa become closer.
20 10 Restitution Jessica Goldberg Patrick Norris February 22, 2017
21 11 Defiance Coleman Herbert Phil Abraham March 29, 2017
22 12 Spiritus Mundi Coleman Herbert Sian Heder April 5, 2017
23 13 Mercy Jessica Goldberg Jessica Goldberg April 12, 2017

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