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Grape Nuts
Season 1, Episode 1
Airdate August 30, 1999
Production Number 6699-002
Teleplay by Bill Boulware
Story by Sherri McGee
Directed by Jeff Melman

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Scammed Straight
The ParkersSeason One

Grape Nuts is the first episode of the first season of The Parkers.

Starring: Countess Vaughn (Kim Parker), Mo'Nique (Nikki Parker), Mari Morrow (Desiree Littlejohn)

and Dorien Wilson (Professor Oglevee)

Guest Starring: Jenna Von Oy (Stevie), Ken Lawson ("T"), Lark Voorhies (Chandra), Kara Brock (Regina)

Co-Starring: Shania Accius (Big Sister Violator), Lalanya Masters-Abner (Big Sister Split Personality), Crystal Kwon (Student), Erin Powers (Grape Pledge)


Plot Overview

Getting ready to go to the Santa Monica College, Kim and Nikki decide to pledge for the "Triple A's" Alpha, Alpha, Alpha (AAA). Kim then worries if her mom, Nikki can handle the sorority without quiting because the group is very crazy and rough. Nikki without holding back regardless, still attended to join the sorority. After signing up, both Kim and Nikki along with Stevie have learned that this group can be a big problem to attend and to work hard on achieving to be "Triple A's". When Regina asks the grapes to represent there grapes from the bag, Nikki eats all the grapes from her bag and causes the group to prepare a feast at Nikki and Kim's house. After preparing the feast, and the "Triple A" Big Sisters arrived, Nikki started talking alot about the Professor. But that then brought Regina's mind into giving the others the assignment to go into Professor Oglevee's house and take a picture of him with all the other members. Nikki refuses, but the grapes have no choice but to do it or else they will all get kicked off. Following night after Professor Oglevee attend a party for a great poet and went to sleep. Nikki, Kim and the others sneaked into the apartment and took the picture and lefted without waking up the Professor. Then the grapes call Regina to the house and show the picture and wasen't pleased. But after all the rude remarks, Nikki had enough and confronted Regina and dropped out of the sorority, but still thinked that Kim should have dropped out to, but Kim refused and continued to do the group. Nikki was getting mad at Kim, but for no reason when she finds out that Kim is now a member of the "Triple A's". Nikki then becomes happy for Kim. Kim still felt that Nikki should've keep her role but Nikki was OK being Kim's mother.


  • This is the only episode that doesn't feature the theme song. Instead, the cast members' names are shown on screen after the first scene.
  • This show is actually a spin-off of Moesha, which featured the adventures of Moesha and her friends living in the Leimert Park section of Los Angeles. Kim was featured on that show as Moesha's best friend. This show focuses more on the relationship between Kim and her mother outside of the Mitchell household.
  • Kara Brock makes her first appearance as Kim and Stevie's nemesis, Regina.
  • Kara Brock also starred in Moesha but as recurring character Sara.

Arc Advancement





The Show

  • In the Moesha episode, which was this show's pilot, Professor Oglevee's last name was actually Ogletree.

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