The Name's the Same

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The Name's the Same
Premiere December 5, 1951
Finale October 7, 1955
Creator Peter Arnell
Host Robert Q. Lewis (1951-54),
Dennis James (1954-55),
Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding (1955),
Clifton Fadiman (1955)
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions
Seasons 4
Origin USA

The Name's the Same is a panel game that aired on ABC prime time. It was one of many imitations of What's My Line?, which was produced by the same company, Goodson-Todman.

This series had three celebrity panelists cross-examining a civilian guest who had a famous name, be it from show biz, sports, fiction, all lines. Each celebrity had ten "yes" or "no" questions to ask. A panelist could pass to the next in order to keep from running out of questions too soon. Questions are asked until the name has been identified, none of the panelists identify the name or the panelists have run out of questions. The panelists who do not identify the name award the guest $25 each.

A special feature was the appearance of a celebrity who had a secret wish to be somebody else. The panelists cross-examined the celebrity in the same way, with any money won going to that celebrity's charity of choice.



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