The Mysteries of Laura/Season Two

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Season Two
The Mysteries of Laura
Season Premiere September 23, 2015
Season Finale March 2, 2016
Episode Count 16

Season One



Season One of The Mysteries of Laura premiered on September 23, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
23 1 The Mystery of the Taken Boy Jeff Rake &
Amanda Green
Michael Smith September 23, 2015 7.109M 1.2% 4X6551
When a boy is kidnapped from his TriBeCa family, Laura and team are thrust into a high-stakes race against time and must uncover a host of family secrets in order to save the boy.
24 2 The Mystery of the Cure to Loneliness Marc Dube &
Dean Lopata
Michael Schultz September 30, 2015 7.355M 1.2% 4X6552
When a woman with cancer dies under mysteries circumstances, Laura and her team investigate the world of survivors and supporters and learn appearances can be deceiving.
25 3 The Mystery of the Locked Box Laura Putney &
Margaret Easley
Bethany Rooney October 7, 2015 7.196M 1.1% 4X6553
When a technology wunderkind is murdered in a seemingly impenetrable high-security building, Laura and team must unravel the puzzling murder before someone steals the victim's billion-dollar ideas.
26 4 The Mystery of the Convicted Mentor Jeff Rake &
Niceole R. Levy
Cherie Nowlan October 14, 2015 6.92M 1% 4X6554
When two convicted killers break out of a maximum security prison, Laura and team join the manhunt, but their loyalties are called into question, since one of the escapees is their former captain.
27 5 The Mystery of the Watery Grave Amanda Green &
Nikhil S. Jayaram
Guy Norman Bee October 21, 2015 6.809M 1.1% 4X6555
When the wife of a national media baron is driven off the West Side Highway, Laura and her team soon discover not everything is as it seems and unravel a dark secret in a case long thought closed.
28 6 The Mystery of the Dead Heat Marc Dube &
Kyle Warren
Norman Buckley October 28, 2015 6.349M 1% 4X6556
When the owner of a local gym is cooked alive in his sauna, Laura and team delve into the world of fitness freaks and crossfit commandos and soon realize the threat is bigger than they could have imagined.
29 7 The Mystery of the Maternal Instinct Dean Lopata &
Niceole R. Levy
Michael Schultz November 4, 2015 6.998M 1.2% 4X6557
Laura and her team are hot on the trail of an international smuggling ring when a pregnant woman is found dead on the side of the side of the road, but they quickly discover the goods being trafficked are not what they appeared to be.
30 8 The Mystery of the Ghost in the Machine Jeff Rake &
Nikhil S. Jayaram
Norman Buckley November 18, 2015 7.406M 1.1% 4X6558
As Laura and the team investigate who exposed an undercover cop and caused his murder, an unseen attacker breaches their systems and targets them, forcing the 2nd Precinct to switch tactics in order to find him before he gets another officer killed.
31 9 The Mystery of the Triple Threat Laura Putney &
Margaret Easley
Bethany Rooney January 6, 2016 6.841M 1.1% 4X6559
As Laura and the team investigate who exposed an undercover cop and caused his murder, an unseen attacker breaches their systems and targets them, forcing the 2nd Precinct to switch tactics in order to find him before he gets another officer killed.
32 10 The Mystery of the Downward Spiral (1) Amanda Green &
Kyle Warren
Cherie Nowlan January 13, 2016 7.525M 1.2% 4X6560
The violent death of a perfume magnate leaves the detectives wondering who they can trust. As secrets are revealed, Laura and Jake find agreeing on a primary suspect as difficult as agreeing on the state of their relationship.
33 11 The Mystery of the Unwelcome Houseguest (2) Marc Dube &
Niceole R. Levy
Micheal Smith January 20, 2016 7.002M 1.2% 4X6561
A stunning development leaves Laura in mortal danger and makes it clear that the murder case of Michael Dunham is far from resolved. It's a race against the clock as Laura fights to save her own life and take down a killer.
34 12 The Mystery of the Morning Jog Dean Lopata &
Nikhil S. Jayaram
Peter Werner February 3, 2016 6.847M 1.1% 4X6562
Laura and team investigate a Men's Rights group implicated in the murder of the city's top sports surgeon, while Billy and Meredith take their relationship to the next level.
35 13 The Mystery of the Dark Heart Amanda Green &
Niceole R. Levy
David Warren February 10, 2016 6.933M 1.2% 4X6563
Valentine's Day turns deadly when Laura (Debra Messing) suspects a long-dormant serial killer may have reemerged. Meanwhile, secrets run rampant in the squad room when it comes to romance.
36 14 The Mystery of the Political Operation Laura Putney &
Margaret Easley
Jim Nickas February 17, 2016 6.329M 1% 4X6564
Laura and Jake are tasked with keeping a high-profile foreign dignitary safe amidst protests and death threats.
37 15 The Mystery of the Unknown Caller Jeff Rake &
Dean Lopata
Norman Buckley February 24, 2016 6.516M 1% 4X6565
Laura must stay one step ahead of a Brooklyn detective's murder investigation when a phone call uncovers the prime suspect - Laura's sister.
38 16 The Mystery of the End of Watch Jeff Rake &
Kyle Warren
Michael Smith March 2, 2016 7.437M 1.2% 4X6566
The takedown of an international drug kingpin leads to tragedy at the 2nd precinct. Meanwhile, Jake makes a life-changing decision regarding his future with Laura.

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