The Munsters/Bats of a Feather

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Bats of a Feather
Season 1, Episode 20
Airdate February 4, 1965
Writer(s) Dick Conway
Director(s) Jerry Paris
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Eddie's Nickname
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Don't Bank on Herman
The MunstersSeason One

With: Alvy Moore (Dr. Grant), Allan Hunt (G.I.), Frank Gardner (G.I.), Barbara Babcock (Miss Guthrie), Thomas McBride (Mr. Hazlett), Sally Mills (The Stewardess), Ronnie Dapo (The 1st Boy), Jimmy Mathers (The 2nd Boy), Gilbert Green (Mr. Brubaker)


Plot Overview

Eddie needs an impressive pet to take to the school pet fair. When Igor the bat gets insulted by one of Herman's wisecracks and flies away, Grandpa changes himself into a bat to impersonate Igor.