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The Connection (1)
Airdate September 14, 1972
Written by Rick Husky
Directed by George McCowan
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The Connection (2)
The Mod SquadSeason Five

Special Guest Stars: Edward Asner (Lassiter), Bradford Dillman (Charlie Drango), Cleavon Little (Bolo), Barbara McNair (Amanda), Claudia McNeil (Granny), Stefanie Powers (Francie Drango), Richard Pryor (Cat Griffin), Robert Reed (Jerry Silver), Cesar Romero (Frank Barton), Gene Washington (Anthony Wilson)

Featuring: Ron Stokes (Doctor), Bill Quinn (Desk Manager), Eric Server (Novak), John Rayner (Ford), Ricky Powell (Bobby), Barbara Rhoades (Celeste), Vince Howard (Marshall), Jason Wingreen (Hotel Manager), Jon Shank (Addict), Mia Bendixsen (Carolyn)


Plot Overview

Captain Greer is attacked by a pair of phony cops, who take his prisoner, a dope dealer that he's turning over for extradition. Pete, Linc and Julie are then brought into the case when the dealer steals $23 million in pure heroin from the Syndicate. Linc goes undercover as a drug runner, while Julie poses as a welfare worker to get close to the dealer's wife, who's very pregnant...and very addicted to smack.


This is the only episode of the show to feature the main guest stars in the opening credits. They appear in alphabetical order in a special extended version of the opening. Also, this is the only episode to feature the title on-screen, and the only episode with the producer/writer/director credits at the beginning. Additionally, with this season, there is no opening scene before the credits...the episodes start with the main titles.

In a cast full of stars, the real surprise is Stefanie Powers, looking far from glamorous as a pregnant heroin addict and delivering a strong performance.