The Mod Squad/A Bummer for R.J.

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A Bummer for R.J.
Airdate January 19, 1971
Written by Jack Turley
Directed by Philip Leacock
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Kicks Incorporated
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The Hot, Hot Car
The Mod SquadSeason Three

Guest Star: Carl Betz (R.J. Coleman)

Co-Starring: Dan Travanty (Johnny Graham), Elliott Street (Fleas), Annette O'Toole (Lorrie Coleman), Brooke Mills (Donna Pierson), Joyce Jameson (Lois Johnson), Barbara Rhoades

Featuring: Herbie Faye (Leo), Robert Patten (Arlen Rogers), Tracy Reilly (Lorrie as a child)


Plot Overview

While Julie helps her friend search for her missing father, Pete and Linc work a murder case for Greer in which a young girl is the victim. A witness gives a description of the prime suspect, who resembles Julie's friend's father, but with longer hair and sideburns. It turns out that the missing father is the man Pete and Linc are searching for in connection with the murder, a businessman who fell in with hippies trying to recapture his youth, and he in turn is looking for the other man who was present at the murder, who can testify that the gun went off accidentally.