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The Kidsongs TV Show/Show 5

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Show 5
Season 1, Episode 5
Airdate October 17, 1987
Production Number 5
Writer(s) Carol Rosenstein
Director(s) Bruce Gowers
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The Kidsongs TV ShowSeason One
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Show 5 is the fifth episode of the first season of The Kidsongs TV Show, and the fifth episode overall.


Guest Starring:



Plot Overview

The Kidsongs Kids put on a 5th show with 8 hit music videos on the chart.

Title of songs from the Kidsongs videotapes in this episode:

  • "Them Bones" (What I Want to Be)
  • "Waltzing Maltida" (I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing)
  • "The Lion Tamer" (A Day At The Circus)
  • "Wild Blue Yonder" (Cars, Boats, Trains and Planes)
  • "Turkey in the Straw" (Sing Out America)
  • "Bend Me, Shape Me" (The Wonderful World of Sports)
  • "This Old Man" (A Day at Old MacDonald's Farm)
  • "Yankee Doodle Boy" (Sing Out America)



  • This episode was recorded on August 19, 1987.


The Show

Allusions and References


  • Triskin: Hi, I'm Triskin Potter.
  • Chris: And I'm Chris Lytton, and this is The Kidsongs TV Show.
  • Triskin: The one and only show made for kids, by kids and starring kids.
  • Chris: This morning we have 8 terrific selections from the Kidsongs music video countdown chart.
  • Triskin: First off, is our new rap version of "Them Bones".
  • Chris: This eye opening video enters the chart this morning at number 8.

  • David: You're supposed to crack this.
  • Chris: I am?
  • David: That's what Todd wants.
  • Chris: OK. I'll give it a try.
  • Scott: And in 3, 2 and cue!
  • Chris: (cracks whip) I'm gonna get this down if I'm gonna be a lion tamer.
  • Triskin: Why don't you leave it to the pro. Here's Alan Gould from Circus Vargus--

(Chris cracks whip)

  • Triskin: our exclusive video of "The Lion Tamer".

  • Triskin: Number 5 on our chart this week is a song that celebrates flying.
  • Chris: Watch as Chris Finch takes a T-38 soaring through the clouds.

  • Chris: Have you ever tried gymnastics, Triskin?
  • Triskin: Yes. I've been in gym classes since I was 4, but I'm not as good as the kids in this next video.
  • Chris: They're fantastic. Let's watch as some terrific gymnasts join the Kidsongs Kids in "Bend Me, Shape Me".
  • Todd: And take it!

  • Scott: 3 seconds, guys.
  • Girls: (mocking Scott) "3 seconds, guys!"
  • Triskin: Number 2 on our chart is a song that makes me want to sing along.
  • Chris: This song is our oldie but goodie of the week
  • Hosts: The timeless "This Old Man"

(music begins)

  • Mr. MacDonald: Hey, kids. Come on over, I'll show you how to play the spoons.

  • Chris: Well, that's our show for today. We'll be back next week.
  • Triskin: With more videos made by us just for you.
  • Hosts: Bye.
  • Todd: Very good, everybody. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow.
  • Kids: Are you buying lunch today, Todd?
  • Todd: Gimme a break, guys.
  • Kids: We need a break?!