The InBetween/Season One

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Season One
The InBetween
Season Premiere May 29, 2019
Season Finale August 14, 2019
Episode Count 10
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Season One of The InBetween premiered on May 29, 2019.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Moira Kirland Charlotte Sieling May 29, 2019 3.654M 0.6%
Cassie helps her father, Detective Tom Hackett, and his partner, Damien Asante, solve a young woman's murder using her unique psychic powers. She also encounters a supernatural spirit, Ed Roven, whose evil transcends time.
2 2 Made of Stone Richard Hatem David Von Ancken June 5, 2019 2.983M 0.5%
Tom and Damien enlist Cassie's help when a mother and her young son mysteriously vanish; when suspicion turns to the woman's husband, Cassie's visions reveal a darker, more vengeful plot. Ed Roven returns with an offer for Cassie.
3 3 Where the Shadows Fall Nick Parker Ruba Nadda June 19, 2019 2.741M 0.4%
Cassie visits the hospital where Damien's fiancée is being treated and encounters the spirit of a young boy who needs her help. Her efforts to unravel the mystery of his death lead her to a world of spirits that might be more than she can handle.
4 4 Kiss Them for Me Gabrielle Stanton &
Nick Parker
Milena Govich July 3, 2019 2.091M 0.3%
Tom and Damien track a mysterious killer who has targeted several kids at the same high school. Cassie tries to help a woman solve her own death while her anxious family waits for news about her disappearance.
5 5 Another Broken Morning Julia Fontana David Grossman July 10, 2019 2.31M 0.4%
Cassie is drawn to a young mother who needs her help and encounters young Abigail once again. Tom and Damien investigate a complicated murder that has international ramifications.
6 6 The Length of a River Moira Kirland &
Gabrielle Stanton
Alex Zakrzewski July 17, 2019 2.3M 0.4%
When a serial killer strikes again, Cassie allows her visions to lead Tom and Damien toward the killer, leading to an unexpected twist in the investigation. Cassie also helps an old friend search for peace after the death of a loved one.
7 7 Let Me in Your Window Karen Wyscarver &
Sanford Golden
Romeo Tirone July 24, 2019 2.179M 0.3%
Tom and Damien race to stop a serial pyromaniac before he can strike again. Cassie suspects there's something evil going on with the new bartender at work. Things take a turn for Sally, Damien's comatose girlfriend.
8 8 While the Song Remains the Same Anderson Mackenzie PJ Pesce July 31, 2019 2.554M 0.4%
Tom and Damien investigate the mysterious death of a vibrant young woman, while Cassie's visions reveal a complicated family story. Cassie also encounters an idol from her childhood in the InBetween and helps him right some past wrongs.
9 9 The Devil's Refugee Lauren Barnett Eduardo Sanchez August 7, 2019 2.573M 0.4%
Cassie, Tom and Damien investigate the cold case disappearance of Millie and soon realize that her disappearance may involve an old acquaintance.
10 10 Monsters and Angels Moira Kirland David Von Ancken August 14, 2019 2.297M 0.4%
Tom and Damien investigate the murder of a young schoolteacher, only to discover that her killer is someone very close to home. Cassie realizes that she must deal with Ed Roven once and for all.