The Harper House/Season One

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Season One
The Harper House
Harper house key art.jpg
Season Premiere September 16, 2021
Season Finale November 4, 2021
Episode Count 10

Season One of The Harper House premiered on September 16, 2021.


Episodes written by Brad Neely

# # Title Directed By Released
1 1 The Harper House Scott Bern September 16, 2021
After being let go from her high-paying job, Debbie Harper, her husband Freddie, and their twins, Todd and Ollie, move into a Victorian fixer-upper on the poorer side of town and attempt to win over their new neighbors by hosting a WrestleMonium watch party.
2 2 Conflicting Parenting Books Chuck Sheetz September 16, 2021
Debbie and Freddie's conflicting parenting styles become more apparent. Meanwhile, Todd and Ollie compete in the "Leaf-A-Thon" at their new school.
3 3 The Perfect Gift / Marg Truck Liza Singer September 16, 2021
Freddie, Todd and Ollie compete to find the perfect birthday gift for Debbie. Meanwhile, Debbie and her best friend, Tonya, see a brilliant, but illegal, business opportunity in a margarita food truck.
4 4 That Old House / Friend Stacking Scott Bern September 23, 2021
Debbie and Freddie find the perfect friends, but are annoyed when they turn out to be friend-stackers. Todd struggles to move on from the past.
5 5 Baby Talk / Coupon Kid Chuck Sheetz September 30, 2021
With her sister Brenna's questionable support, Debbie resorts to "baby talk" to make sales at Awning Con. Meanwhile, Shauna Bradley scams an impressionable Freddie.
6 6 Everyone in Town
Must Eat a Piece of Barack Obama Before Midnight
or the World Ends
Sarah Seember Huisken October 7, 2021
When Ollie believes everyone must consume a piece of President Barack Obama in order to save the town, Debbie worries about her gullibility. Todd is determined to stop Mayor Kelly Frakes’ fracking expansion plan.
7 7 Marshmallow Tests Scott Bern October 14, 2021
Opposite personality traits become more apparent in the Harper family when Debbie and Freddie collaborate on a business idea and when Todd and Ollie search for a new toy on the market.
8 8 Home Alone on the 4th of July Chuck Sheetz October 21, 2021
The Harpers celebrate the Fourth of July at the River Creek Fourth Fest and it’s far from a relaxing holiday. Freddie consumes a questionable funnel cake and Debbie protects the neighborhood from a robbery or so she thinks.
9 9 Deathbed Wish / Making the Lie Real Sarah Seember Huisken October 28, 2021
A trip with Daddy Dan and Brenna commemorating her mother's passing proves to be more enlightening than Debbie imagined. Meanwhile, Freddie ropes Tonya, Ollie and Todd into a scheme to impress Gbenge.
10 10 Bad Help Scott Bern November 4, 2021
Concerned about looking like a bad ally, Freddie attempts to hide his racist family history from their friends and neighbors and Todd gets some hollow help from Ollie with his school project.