The Good Doctor/Season One

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Season One
The Good Doctor
Season Premiere September 25, 2017
Episode Count 22
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This is the current season of The Good Doctor.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season One of The Good Doctor premiered on September 25, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Burnt Food David Shore Seth Gordon September 25, 2017 11.216M 2.2% 100
Dr. Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join the prestigious St. Bonaventure hospital's surgical unit. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, his only advocate, Dr. Aaron Glassman, challenges the skepticism and prejudices of the hospital's board and staff when he brings him in to join the team. Shaun will need to work harder than he ever has before, as he navigates his new environment and relationships to prove to his colleagues that his extraordinary medical gifts will save lives.
2 2 Mount Rushmore David Shore Mike Listo October 2, 2017 10.925M 2.2% 101
Dr. Shaun Murphy's attention to detail complicates his first day at St. Bonaventure Hospital. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Browne learns a valuable lesson about honesty when confronted with a difficult diagnosis for her patient.
3 3 Oliver Bill Rotko John Dahl October 9, 2017 10.689M 2% 102
Dr. Neil Melendez and Dr. Jared Unger discover their patient isn't being completely honest with them which may cost him his chance at a life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Browne must learn to communicate with Dr. Shaun Murphy as they race back to St. Bonaventure Hospital with a donated organ.
4 4 Pipes Thomas L. Moran Stephen DePaul October 16, 2017 10.595M 2% 103
Dr. Neil Melendez and the team have to wade through legal waters when a husband and wife have to make a life-changing decision about their unborn child. Meanwhile, Dr. Shaun Murphy struggles to adjust to his new environment at home and makes a huge step forward with his colleagues.
5 5 Point Three Percent David Hoselton Larry Teng October 23, 2017 10.391M 1.8% 104
While in the exam area of St. Bonaventure Hospital, Dr. Shaun Murphy encounters a young patient who looks eerily similar to his deceased brother, Steve. After discovering his parents have hidden his diagnosis from him, Shaun struggles to understand why he doesn't deserve to hear the truth about his own health. Meanwhile, the team can't figure out what keeps triggering their patients' increasingly severe allergic reactions and races to find the cause before the next one kills another patient.
6 6 Not Fake Simran Baidwan Michael Patrick Jann October 30, 2017 10.595M 1.9% 105
Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Claire Browne devise an experimental procedure that can save the leg and life of a young groom, that is if his bride-to-be and parents can learn to work together. Meanwhile, Jared struggles to emotionally connect with his patient whose scars may prove too deep to overcome.
7 7 22 Steps Johanna Lee David Straiton November 13, 2017 10.144M 1.9% 106
Dr. Shaun Murphy has to confront prejudice from an unlikely source when he takes on the case of a patient with autism, and Dr. Jared Kalu has to learn to accept his limitations as a surgeon.
8 8 Apple David Renaud Nestor Carbonell November 20, 2017 9.967M 1.8% 107
During a robbery at the grocery mart Dr. Shaun Murphy is shopping at, his communication limitations puts lives at risk. Meanwhile, after Shaun's traumatic day, Dr. Aaron Glassman worries that he isn't doing enough to help Shaun.
9 9 Intangibles Karen Struck Bronwen Hughes November 27, 2017 9.247M 1.7% 108
As part of St. Bonaventure hospital's international humanitarian program, the team takes on the case of a young boy from the Congo who has severe congenital heart anomalies. Dr. Neil Melendez has doubts about the safety of the procedure, while Dr. Shaun Murphy works out the best course of action. Meanwhile, Murphy's latest encounter with his neighbor Lea has him confused.
10 10 Sacrifice Lloyd Gilyard Jr. Michael Patrick Jann December 4, 2017 9.034M 1.6% 109
Members of the hospital's surgical team are initially impressed with a charming young doctor, but his true character puts one of them in an awkward position at work. Meanwhile, Dr. Glassman feels Dr. Shaun Murphy needs a little more support with his personal life and suggests he meet with a therapist. However, Shaun is determined to show him that he can do it on his own.
11 11 Islands (1) January 8, 2018 110
12 12 Islands (2) January 15, 2018 111
13 13 TBA January 22, 2018
14 14 TBA
15 15 TBA
16 16 TBA
17 17 TBA
18 18 TBA
19 19 TBA
20 20 TBA
21 21 TBA
22 22 TBA