The Fugitive/Right in the Middle of the Season

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Right in the Middle of the Season
Season 4, Episode 11
Airdate November 29, 1966
Production Number 411
Written by Sam Ross
Directed by Christian Nyby
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Nobody Loses All the Time
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The Devil's Disciples
The FugitiveSeason Four

Guest Stars: Dean Jagger (Tony), Nancy Malone (Nedda), James Callahan (Joe)

Co-Starring: Douglas Henderson (Lt. Irwin)

With: James Seay (Morgan), Charles Wagenheim (Fisherman), Ron Stokes (Boatswain's Mate), Greg Benedict (Policeman), Robert Kline (Policeman), John Mayo (Fingerprint Man), James Johnson (Crewman)


Plot Overview

Working as a commercial fisherman, Kimble just may be in for it when his fingerprints are taken by the cops after a fight between the union fisherman and scab workers. He decides to go on a pleasure trip on a boat with a kindly co-worker, unaware that the authorities are closing in on their boat.