The Family Man (1990)

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The Family Man
Premiere September 11, 1990
Finale July 17, 1991
Creator William Bickley &
Michael Warren
Developed by Thomas L. Miller &
Robert L. Boyett
Network/Provider CBS
Style 30-minute sitcom
Company Miller/Boyett Productions,
Lorimar Television
Seasons 1
Episodes 22
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

The Family Man is a sitcom that aired on CBS.

Harrison played Los Angeles fire chief Jack Taylor, a recent widower holding his family together as both a mother and a father, along with the inept help of his father-in-law, Joe Alberghetti (Al Molinaro, also in a return to series TV after many years off, and in his third sitcom for Miller/Boyett). Joe's stay with the family after his daughter Teri's death was only supposed to be temporary, but by the end of the pilot, after Jack and his kids showed how much they needed him in their lives, he decided to permanently move out from New York. Jack's four attractive children were 16-year-old Jeff (John Buchanan), headstrong and athletic; 14-year-old Steve (Scott Weinger), who, despite being the resident troublemaker, was still trying to find a positive self-image; 11-year-old Brian (Matthew Brooks), who had the hardest time dealing with the death of his mother; and the wise-beyond-her-years 6-year-old, Allison (Ashleigh Blair Sterling), who really could do no wrong.

Stories focused around Jack's unique relationships with each of his children, the problems and adjustments of a suddenly motherless household, and the misadventures and scrapes of the growing brood. Jack's high-demand job as Fire Chief also had prominence; his charges and best buddies at the firehouse included "Bus" Harbrook (Edward Winter), Eddie Cooper (Peter Parros), and the younger Ted Reinhard (Adam Biesk), who could always be counted on to shake things up. They also joined him for poker night in almost every episode. Adding some adult female perspective was the Taylors' next-door neighbor, Hilary Kozak (Gail Edwards), a divorcee who it seemed was originally going to be a love interest for Jack, but it never quite happened. She had a young son, Patrick (Josh Byrne), who was Allison's best friend.

Upon the show's return in June 1991 after a seven-month hiatus, Jack's co-workers and buddies Bus and Ted were dropped from the show, leaving only Eddie regularly in evidence at poker nights as well as at the firehouse. The rest of the cast remained intact, but coming into the picture was pretty local news reporter Jill Nichols (Nancy Everhard), who first met the stolid Fire Chief on assignment during an interview. Sparks flew instantly and they began dating.



Actor Character
Main Cast
Gregory Harrison Jack Taylor
John Buchanan Jeff Taylor
Scott Weinger Steve Taylor
Matthew Brooks Brian Taylor
Ashleigh Sterling Allison Taylor
Al Molinaro Joe Alberghetti


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One September 11, 1990 July 17, 1991 22


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