The Family/Season One

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Season One
The Family
Season Premiere March 3, 2016
Season Finale May 15, 2016
Episode Count 12

Season One of The Family premiered on March 3, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Jenna Bans Paul McGuigan March 3, 2016 5.697M 1.5% 101
A family is shaken to the core when a politician's presumed dead son suddenly returns. After disappearing a decade earlier, Adam Warren's homecoming to Red Pines, ME, is initially met with astonishment and joy, but suspicions soon begin to emerge. Is he really who he says he is? The boy's shocking reappearance forces the entire family to re-examine who they are and unearths long-buried secrets, betrayals and heartache.
2 2 All You See Is Dark Jenna Bans John Gray March 6, 2016 4.012M 1.3% 102
Both newly freed from their respective captivity, Adam Warren and Hank Asher find homecoming is a thing easier said than done. After meeting Adam, the reason for his incarceration, face to face, Hank grapples with a dark secret he's been keeping for more than ten years. Meanwhile, Danny is still suspicious of Adam's true identity, a fact he shares with Bridey, not realizing she's a reporter. Haunted by her past and the role she played in helping to convict the wrong man in Adam's kidnapping, a determined Nina leads a team of detectives into the woods to find the area around the elusive "red dragon" where the young boy was being held by "the pock-marked man." But the mysterious figure is one step ahead of the detectives and sets to destroy the only evidence that is left. Distracted and emotionally traumatized by her son's shocking return, Claire tasks Willa with persuading John to participate in her campaign. Willa reveals to her father just how much she has protected him in the past and quietly threatens to expose him if he doesn't cooperate.
3 3 Of Puppies and Monsters Alexandra Cunningham Andrew McCarthy March 13, 2016 3.517M 0.8% 103
FBI Agent Gabe Clements joins the investigation and makes it clear to Nina how he would like to handle the case. Nina interviews a seemingly innocuous refinery employee, but later we see that she has a questionable connection. Despite Claire's objections, Adam agrees to return to the bunker to see if anything will trigger his memory, and when he's down there alone, it becomes evident that he is hiding something. Willa questions Claire's motives when she ends her national interview with an emotional plea. In the past, John's hesitancy to provide an alibi for some missing time has repercussions on his relationship with Claire. Bridey continues to follow her leads, but her contact with the family is put into jeopardy when Danny makes a discovery. We learn Willa and John share a secret when Nina investigates the 911 call that led the cops to search Hank's house. Hank's plans to get his life back on track are derailed when the Warren family brings attention to him again.
4 4 Feathers or Steel Corey Miller John Gray March 20, 2016 2.636M 0.7% 104
Detective Meyer and Agent Clements go on the hunt for a child kidnapper whose MO is eerily similar to Adam's abductor. Meanwhile, Bridey continues to infiltrate the Warren family, searching for intel on Adam, but arouses Willa's suspicions when she is caught prowling around the house uninvited. In a flashback, Claire's darker side is revealed as she attempts to get Hank to spill secrets about Adam's kidnapping. Unfortunately, she also makes a painful discovery about John.
5 5 I Win Jeannine Renshaw Andrew McCarthy March 27, 2016 2.607M 0.6% 105
When Hank is badly beaten, he names a member of the Warren family as the prime suspect. Bridey receives the results of the paternity test she ran on Adam, and the answer is shocking and definitive. The pock-marked man begins to send post cards from around the country to Adam, giving Nina and Agent Clements a real shot at catching him. In the past, we see how John's grief led to his affair with Nina.
6 6 Nowhere Man Bill Krebs Andrew McCarthy April 3, 2016 3.126M 0.7% 106
Nina and Clements design a plan to lure the pock-marked man, Doug, using Adam as bait. However, things go awry when Adam spots Doug in the mall. He becomes sick and is taken to the hospital while the police continue their pursuit of Doug. After the doctor reviews Adam's medical history, he drops a bombshell on an unsuspecting Claire. In flashbacks, we return to the night when Adam was kidnapped, retracing all the near misses where Doug crossed paths with the Warrens and the police.
7 7 All the Livelong Day Elizabeth Craft &
Sarah Fain
Paul McGuigan April 10, 2016 3.147M 0.8% 107
In dramatic flashbacks we find out about Adam's return to Red Pines, which plays out against the emotional backdrop of Willa's long-held secrets and lies. We get a glimpse of what Adam went through in captivity and Hank's desperate state of mind while incarcerated. John drops a major bombshell on Claire, and she ultimately struggles with an agonizing decision about the future of her family.
8 8 Sweet Jane Nicole Paulhus Colin Bucksey April 17, 2016 2.977M 0.8% 108
Claire wrestles with the emotional ramifications of Willa's scheming. Meanwhile, Nina observes that Adam disappears every night from his home and sets out to track down his mysterious destination, while Clements investigates Jane's connection to Doug, the pock-marked man. When the Governor's wife threatens to reveal Claire's drinking, Willa handles the situation by exposing another Warren family secret, potentially changing the outcome of the election. Finally, Hank makes a shocking discovery that reveals his true involvement in Adam's kidnapping.
9 9 Betta Male Mark K. Turner &
Davita Scarlett
Michael Offer April 24, 2016 2.918M 0.8% 109
Detective Nina Meyer searches for clues about Adam's history as she watches his therapy sessions, while a guilty Claire attempts to keep a furtive eye on Ben after Hank's dressing-down. The family prepares to support Claire at the gubernatorial debate, as Hank's guest leads him to find proof of who really kidnapped Adam. Meanwhile, Detective Meyer worries about her missing partner, Agent Clements, and Ben gets a visit from someone from his tortured past.
10 10 Fun Ways to Tell Boyfriend You're Pregnant Jeannine Renshaw Holly Dale May 1, 2016 2.847M 0.8% 110
In an ironic twist, Hank believes he has key evidence to help Nina solve Adam's case, and, more importantly, make himself a hero. Willa's suspicions about Ben intensify when she makes a shocking discovery about what really happened to Adam. Meanwhile, Jane turns to an unlikely source for help when she goes into labor and Doug is nowhere to be found. Bridey betrays Willa in an effort to grab the "front page" for her story, and Nina gets a shocking visit.
11 11 Election Day Bill Krebs &
Corey Miller
Colin Bucksey May 8, 2016 2.556M 0.7% 111
Willa reveals a terrible secret to Claire right as the Gubernatorial election results are announced. Back in the cellar, Agent Clements tries to convince Jane to set him free, resorting to desperate measures. Ben shares some shocking news with Willa, who is now determined to get him out of the family. Meanwhile, Bridey ponders whether to use all the information she has on the Warren family in order to make the front page with her story and discovers a missing piece of the puzzle to guarantee her success. Nina is determined to get a confession from Doug, while, in flashbacks, we see how Hank went from beloved co-worker to social pariah.
12 12 What Took So Long Jenna Bans Paul McGuigan May 15, 2016 3.295M 0.8% 112
Claire finally realizes what Adam and Ben endured when she visits the hell hole-like tomb where they were kept, exploding with grief, anger and frustration. Meanwhile Jane looks to make a getaway as Nina closes in on Doug's location, and Agent Clements' time is running out. Hank comes face to face with his inner demons, and one phone call shatters Ben's world, forcing him to tackle an uncertain destiny.
Teleplay by Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain