The Facts of Life/Molly Parker

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Molly Parker
The Facts of Life
Actor Molly Ringwald
First Appearance 1x01- Rough Housing
Last Appearance 2x02- The New Girl (2)
Series Billing
Episode Count 14
Also Appears On Diff'rent Strokes

Molly Parker is a fictional character from the series The Facts of Life. She was portrayed by actress Molly Ringwald from her introduction as a character in an episode of Diff'rent Strokes in 1979 to 1980. She was also a main cast member on The Facts of Life.


Character History

Molly Parker attended Eastland School in the first season. Molly Parker was a fast-talking girl who also played guitar and was an activist. She aspires to be the "Joan Baez of the 80's" and she is quick to point out acts of injustice or sexism among the other girls. Molly's parents were divorced and she didn't take the news of her father's new girlfriend well, so she refused to go home to visit them. Mrs. Garrett tried to reason with her and get her to at least talk to her father. She and her father came to a new kind of understanding and all was well. Molly appeared only one other time in a later episode and was never seen again.

Memorable Moments