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Episode 3999
Season 16, Episode 165
Airdate August 19, 1971
Production Number 3998
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The Edge of NightSeason Sixteen
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Episode 3999 is the one-hundred sixty-fifth episode of the sixteenth season of The Edge of Night, and the three thousand nine-hundred ninety-eighth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Jonah told Laurie about Max and Tango's arrest. Following her release from jail, an enraged Tango confronted Laurie and Jonah. Tango made sarcastic comments about how convenient it was that Laurie and Jonah left the party right before the police arrived, insinuating that Laurie and Jonah left to have sex. Laurie volleyed Tango's accusations with a hard slap across the face. Adam informed Nicole that Gordon Whitney doesn't want anyone to know about Charles Weldon's $2,000,000 embezzlement of Geraldine's trust fund. Adam theorized that Charles accidentally murdered Rosella Gray while attempting to silence Jim. Vic showed Adam and Nicole his hand, which has healed nicely after punching Jonah. Adam told Vic that he doesn't deserve Laurie, which goaded Vic into calling her. Laurie agreed to meet Vic for lunch at The Raven. After Laurie left the apartment, Tango confronted Jonah with her suspicion that he had tipped off the cops about the pot party. Jonah proclaimed innocence, but Tango didn't believe him. As Tango demanded $5,000 or otherwise tell the world that Jonah is really Keith Whitney, Jonah secretly drugged her coffee with LSD.



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