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Episode 3369
Season 14, Episode 57
Airdate March 20, 1969
Production Number 3368
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The Edge of NightSeason Fourteen
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Episode 3369 is the fifty-seventh episode of the fourteenth season of The Edge of Night, and the three thousand three-hundred sixty-ninth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Martha tells Cookie about Nancy's crying jag at dinner. They speculate about the cause, but Cookie attributes it to Laurie's absence. At the cabin, Laurie refuses to eat. Mona warns Laurie that Barney will get very mad, and she won't be able to protect Laurie from his wrath. Meanwhile, Barney meets with Barrington on a deserted road. Barrington gives Barney a handgun, encouraging him to use it on trespassers-- or Laurie if she tries to escape again. Later, Barrington confers with Ron, confessing that Mike has a list of loan shark doctors. Nervous, Ron asks if Barrington knows how Mike obtained the list. Barrington remarks that obviously there's an informer working against the operation. As Ron becomes more nervous that Barrington may be on to him, Barrington states that they ruled out Ron as the leak, since Ron doesn't have access to the ledger or the fiber for such work. Barrington instructs Ron to visit the Karrs often and take notes about Mike and Nancy's behavior. Barney returns to the cabin with food. Seeing that Laurie still hasn't eaten, Barney aims the gun at her, threatening that Laurie will eat...or else...



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