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Episode 3366
Season 14, Episode 54
Airdate March 17, 1969
Production Number 3366
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The Edge of NightSeason Fourteen
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Episode 3366 is the fifty-fourth episode of the fourteenth season of The Edge of Night, and the three thousand three-hundred sixty-sixth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Laurie's constant crying irritates Barney, who warns Mona to shut her up, or else he will. Sweetly, Mona tries to reason with Laurie, but it does no good. Laurie screams that Barney and Mona are no better than the kidnapers, and her father Mike Karr will see that they all rot in prison. Furious, Barney looms over Laurie with fists of rage. Mona barely stops him from striking Laurie. After a call from Bill, Mike and Nancy realize they had invited the Marceau family for dinner. Nancy admits that she won't be able to get through dinner without breaking down. Mike convinces her that she has no choice. Nancy wonders who told Barrington that Mike had the "doctor list," then realizes Mike should warn Ron about Barrington's criminal activity. Then, Nancy arrives at the unthinkable conclusion that Ron might be in cahoots with Barrington, which would devastate Nancy's sister Cookie. Mike is forced to admit that Ron stole the list from Barrington and is working in cooperation with the crime commission. When Martha and Bill arrive, Martha immediately notices Nancy's uneasiness. Mike lies that Laurie took an emergency trip to California, as she has to take a college entrance exam in Los Angeles. With talk of Laurie, Nancy bursts into tears and excuses herself from the room. Back at the cabin, Laurie talks sweetly to Barney, reminding him that he and Mona haven't really committed a crime. If they leave her tied up, though, they'll be kidnapers, too... and some kidnapers get the death penalty. Barney believes Laurie, and after extracting a promise that she won't try to escape, Barney removes the ropes from her hands.



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  • Nancy: Laurie Ann means a great deal to me. You never thought that-- it made any difference to me? That she's your daughter? Did you?
  • Mike: Of course not, darling.
  • Nancy: Because in these 10 years, Mike-- she's become mine. Completely-- my own child!