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Stacey Petrie (1)
Airdate January 20, 1965
Writer(s) Carl Reiner
Director(s) Jerry Paris
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Stacey Petrie (2)
The Dick Van Dyke ShowSeason Four

Guest Star: Jerry Van Dyke (Stacey Petrie)

Featuring: Bill Idelson (Herman Glimscher), Howard Wendell (Dr. Lemler)


Plot Overview

Rob's brother Stacey, newly decommissioned from the army and who is staying with Rob and Laura for a few days while he looks for an apartment, comes bearing news. He is opening a nightclub in the city (in which Rob is investing) and he is engaged. What's somewhat troubling about the latter news is that he has yet to meet his betrothed, with who he has only corresponded via letters. What little information Rob and Laura can get out of Stacey is that her name is Julie, she lives in New York City, is a friend of an army buddy, and that he hasn't actually asked her to marry him yet. But he is hesitant to see or even telephone her as he's afraid he'll make a bad impression due to his shyness around women. He thinks that having a practice date with someone might help, that someone being Sally, who agrees as she sees it as a challenge. Sally gets some more information from Stacey about why he's nervous to meet Julie. The rest of the evening doesn't quite turn out the way either Sally or Stacey had envisioned, but at least they both benefit from the date in different ways.