The Brink/Season One

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Season One
The Brink
Season Premiere June 21, 2015
Season Finale August 23, 2015
Episode Count 10

Season One of The Brink premiered on June 21, 2015.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Pilot Roberto Benabib
Kim Benabib
Jay Roach June 21, 2015 1.598M 0.66%
The group soon discovers that Alex is their only source of hard information on the ground in Pakistan. Meanwhile, onboard an aircraft carrier in the region, ace pilot Zeke "Z-Pak" Tilson calls his ex-wife, Ashley (Mary Faber), in Florida, urging her to send more "product" for his lucrative side business selling drugs. Later, Zeke's mounting troubles are put on hold when he and his co-pilot, Glenn, are ordered to take off on a mission he knows could lead to catastrophe.
2 2 Half-Cocked Roberto Benabib &
Kim Benabib
Tim Robbins June 28, 2015 1.263M 0.55%
With President Navarro and Defense Secretary Grey ordering a military response to General Zaman's threats, Walter argues that an air strike could unleash a world war. He and Kendra must track down a moderate contact inside the Pakistan government to defuse the crisis. Meanwhile, after learning that classified information has been sent from Rafiq's house, Zaman's men storm the place, threaten Rafiq's family, and drag Alex to an undisclosed location for interrogation of the worst kind. In the skies over Pakistan, with Walter and the president looking on via an airborne camera, Zeke tries to sober up a drug-addled Glenn, but his partner accidentally launches a missile that creates high anxiety in three world capitals.
3 3 Baghdad My Ass Roberto Benabib
Kim Benabib
Jon Poll July 5, 2015 1.166M 0.51%
Alex is tasked by Zaman's half-brother, Raja, to get a message to Walter - a mission Alex hopes will save him from being sent to Baghdad. Walter is greeted with personal and professional surprises at home before taking off for New Delhi. On the aircraft carrier, Zeke and Glenn await their inquiry into the downed drone.
4 4 I'll Never Be Batman Dave Holstein Michael Lehmann July 12, 2015 989k 0.39%
In New Delhi, Walter defies doctor's orders and meets with the Indian foreign minister to urge him to withdraw his troops. Zeke contemplates the merits and perils of leading a double life before he and Glenn take off on a recon mission. In Islamabad, Alex encounters resistance as he tries to deliver a package to Raja.
5 5 Swim, Shmuley, Swim Jack Kukoda James Muro July 19, 2015 1.062M 0.43%
Zeke and Glenn narrowly escape two armed men in a tribal region before being picked up by Martin and Vanessa, an eccentric British couple. With Fareeda missing, Alex and Rafiq head to her school and encounter a group of girls with nowhere to go. Against the president's orders, Walter pays an unscheduled visit to the Israeli foreign minister.
6 6 Tweet Tweet Tweet Sam Forman Michael Lehmann July 26, 2015 975k 0.42%
Ordered to return to DC, Walter runs into Joanne in Tel Aviv, and angles to use her new position to his advantage. Held hostage by Martin and Vanessa, Zeke and Glenn agree to participate in role-playing games in hopes of release. Later, Alex meets with Kittredge, who shares a revelatory dream.
7 7 Sticky Wicket Aasif Mandvi Scott Winant August 2, 2015 999k 0.46%
Zeke is challenged to a fight. En route to DC, Walter fakes a medical emergency to force an unscheduled landing. With the American embassy on lockdown, Alex plots an escape.
8 8 Who's Grover Cleveland? Wes Jones Michael Lehmann August 9, 2015 892k 0.39%
With tensions rising in Islamabad, Walter tries to convince the president to act with caution. On the aircraft carrier, Zeke must deal with the women in his life before he and his fellow pilots get new orders. Inside the Embassy, Alex tries to make amends with Rafiq and Fareeda.
9 9 Just a Little Crazy Talk Roberto Benabib
Kim Benabib
Dave Holstein
Adam Bernstein August 16, 2015 935k 0.4%
Walter tries to strike a deal with Zaman's highest-ranking general. Zeke and Glenn find a way to pass the time after being grounded. With Rafiq translating, Alex tries to figure out if and when he should initiate Walter's "Plan B."
10 10 There Will Be Consequences Roberto Benabib
Kim Benabib
Dave Holstein
Michael Lehmann August 23, 2015 872k 0.36%
With a global crisis looming, Zeke and Glenn once again find themselves in a compromised state. Walter tries to defuse the situation with various heads of state via video-conference; Alex attempts to connect with Zaman on a personal level.