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The Bionic Woman

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The Bionic Woman
Bionic Woman-Logo.jpg
Premiere January 14, 1976
Finale May 13, 1978
Creator created for television by
Kenneth Johnson
Based on the novel "Cyborg" by
Martin Caidin
Network/Provider ABC (seasons 1-2)
NBC (season 3)
Style 60-minute sci-fi drama
Company Harve Bennett Productions,
Universal Television
Seasons 3
Episodes 58
Origin USA
For the 2007 remake, see Bionic Woman.

The Bionic Woman is a science fiction drama that aired on ABC for two seasons and NBC for one. This show is a spinoff of The Six Million Dollar Man. Its pilot aired both as a two-part episode of The Six Million Dollar Man and as a TV movie before it was picked up as a series. In the pilot, which was part of the The Six Million Dollar Man series, Jaime meets old flame Steve and they rekindle their romance. They decide to go on a day trip skydiving, but it ends in tragedy when Jaime's parachute fails, and she crashes to Earth. Barely alive, Steve's only choice is to beg Oscar to give Jaime the same bionic treatment he had. Jaime is given two legs, an arm and a super sensitive ear, however, Jaime's body rejects the bionics and she dies. After recieving lots of fan mail, the producers decided to resurrect Jaime, and give her a series of her own. In this series she works for the OSI like Steve, but she has a day job as a teacher at Ventura Air Base.



Actor Character Duration
Billed Cast 1 2 3
Lindsay Wagner Jaime Sommers * * *
Richard Anderson Oscar Goldman * * *
Martin E. Brooks Dr. Rudy Wells o * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One January 14, 1976 May 26, 1976 14
Season Two September 29, 1976 May 4, 1977 22
Season Three September 10, 1977 May 13, 1978 22


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1)
Season 1 October 19, 2010 purchase 4
Season 2 May 17, 2011 purchase 5
Season 3 October 4, 2011 purchase 5

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