The Big O

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The Big O
The Big O
Premiere Japan
October 13, 1999
April 2, 2001
Finale Japan
March 27, 2003
March 27, 2003
Creator Kazuyoshi Katayama
Network/Provider WOWOW (Japan, season 1)
Sun-TV (Japan, season 2)
Cartoon Network (Toonami) (US, season 1)
Cartoon Network (Adult Swim) (US, season 2)
Style 30-minute sci-fi anime
Company Bandai Visual Co. Ltd.,
Sunrise Inc.,
Cartoon Network (season 2)
Seasons 2
Episodes 26
Origin Japan

The Big O is a sci-fi anime series set in a domed metropolis called Paradigm City in which everyone lost their memories 40 years ago as a result of something known only as "The Event."

The series particularly revolves around Roger Smith, an affluent freelance hostage negotiator who also moonlights as the pilot for a mysterious robot called Big O, a megadeus. With the robot and his android partner, Dorothy, Smith fights threats to the city that are too large in magnitude for the police to handle. However, as the series progresses (particularly into the second season), less and less time is given to the straight mecha anime format and more focus is given to the mystery of what the megadeus is and it follows Smith's commands so naturally.

Although the series was first developed and produced as a Japanese anime, it failed to make any waves in Eastern countries due to its more Western attitude and settings. This resulted in the series being ended in Japan after its initial 13 episodes. However, due to the popularity of the series in the United States, the series was picked up by Cartoon Network for airing on Adult Swim. Together with Sunrise, Inc., Cartoon Network co-produced a second season.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character Duration
Main Cast
Mitsuru Miyamoto Steven Jay Blum Roger Smith 1 2
Akiko Yajima Lia Sargent R. Dorothy Wayneright 1 2
Motomu Kiyokawa Norman Burg 1 2
Ethan Murray 1
Alan Oppenheimer 2
Tesshô Genda Peter Lurie Major Dan Dastun 1 2
Emi Shinohara Wendee Lee Patricia "Angel" Lovejoy 1 2
Katsunosuke Hori Michael McConnohie Schwarzwald 1 2


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One October 13, 1999 January 19, 2000 13
Season Two January 2, 2003 March 27, 2003 13


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DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Season Sets
The Big O: Anime Legends Complete Collection September 16, 2003 4


The Big O II: Anime Legends Complete Collection November 23, 2004 4


Episode Collections
The Big O: Volume 1 June 19, 2001 1


The Big O: Volume 2 August 21, 2001 1


The Big O: Volume 3 October 16, 2001 1


The Big O: Volume 4 December 18, 2001 1


The Big O II: Paradigm Lost January 20, 2004 1


The Big O II: Missing Pieces March 16, 2004 1


The Big O II: Enemy Attacks May 11, 2004 1


The Big O II: Aggressive Negotiations July 27, 2004 1


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