The Beverly Hillbillies/The Clampetts Strike Oil

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The Clampetts Strike Oil
Airdate September 26, 1962
Writer(s) Paul Henning
Phil Shuken
Director(s) Richard Whorf

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Getting Settled
The Beverly HillbilliesSeason One
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The Clampetts Strike Oil is the first episode of the first season of The Beverly Hillbillies, and the first episode overall.

Guest Stars: Bea Benaderet (Cousin Pearl), Frank Wilcox (Mr. Brewster), Ron Hagerthy (Geologist), Bob Osborne (Jeffrey Taylor)


Plot Overview

This is the story of dirt poor Jed Clampett,and his Family of Hillbillies.Jed was out hunting when he was shooting at some food,but struck some oil.He would later be visited by a representative from an Oil Company who offers to buy the rights to his oil.Not understanding the Business of oil,and drilling,Jeds Cousin Pearl who is somewhat more educated about this pays a visit to Jed,and after telling her about the oilmans visit,and the amount of money that Jed will be making,Pearl informs Jed that he is a millionaire,and that he can go any place he desires.Pearl encourages him to move to California,and in particular the rich,and swanky Beverly Hills.Jed thinks it over,and seeing how his daughter Elly May is in need of schooling as well as a Mother,Jed agrees.Jethro,Pearls son,and Jeds nephew will drive the Family Truck all the way to Beverly Hills.Elly May is reluctant to go since it would mean leaving her animal friends(she calls them critters).Jed talks her into it though.The last obstacle preventing them from leaving is Granny.She stubbornly refuses to budge from her rocking chair.So,she is put on top of the Truck while still sitting in her rocking chair.So, the Clampetts are on their way to California.Getting there would take days,but they finally arrive.Problems arise however.When they get to their Estate they think that it is a large Jail House.They find men with tools,and assume them to be convicts.They see no guards,and assume that the men(actually laborers employed to take care of the Estate) had killed all the guards.The Clampetts all hold them with shotguns at bey until the Police arrive.The Police soon arrive,but instead of being thanked for preventing a Prison breakout,The Clampetts are arrested.They would soon be bailed out by the Bank President Milburn Drysdale who will also be their new Neighbor.He first mistakes the Clampetts for criminals until they tell him who they are.After the misunderstanding is cleared up,Drysdale escorts the Clampetts back to their new Home.However once they arrive back,they all make a run for it.They thought Drysdale had tricked them into going from a small jail back to the prison.Drysdale calls out to the Clampetts that it is not a Prison,but it is their new Home.The Clampetts continue running.They will however return in the next episode.



This is the only episode where the ending is different from the rest of the Series ending.