The Better Sex

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The Better Sex
Premiere July 18, 1977
Finale January 13, 1978
Creator Mark Goodson,
Bill Todman
Host Bill Anderson,
Sarah Purcell
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Goodson-Todman Productions
Seasons 1
Episodes 117
Origin USA

The Better Sex is a game show that aired on ABC. It pitted six men and six women trying to outguess each other on questions about the opposite sex.

A question is posed to a team ("What is considered the favorite drink of alcoholic women?"), then a member of that team is shown two answers ("Scotch" or "wine") and gives the answer most likely to bluff the other team. Two members of the other team must agree or disagree. The two must have the same vote; a split vote requires a third member to cast a deciding vote. The answer is given (Correct answer: wine). The opposing team loses those two members if they are wrong; the answering team loses two members if the agreeing/disagreeing team is correct. Play continues until the men or women lose all six players. (If two team members are left on a team and their votes split, the initial voter becomes consensus.)

The winning team faces thirty members of the studio audience, each of the opposite sex of the team. The object is to outbluff all thirty members using six questions for a $5000 prize. Any remaining audience members split $500. The team losing two games is eliminated.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One July 18, 1977 January 13, 1978 117


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