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The Andy Griffith Show/The Farmer Takes a Wife

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The Farmer Takes a Wife
Airdate January 1, 1962
Production Number
Writer(s) Charles Stewart & Jack Elinson
Director(s) Bob Sweeney
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Sheriff Barney
2x14 →
Keeper of the Flame
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Two

Guest Stars: Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee), Adoree Evans (Mary), Bob McQuain (Joe Waters), Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou)

Special Guest Star: Alan Hale (Jeff Pruitt)


Plot Overview

Andy and Barney are happy to see Big Jeff Pruitt in town. Jeff is a local farmer who has come to Mayberry to find himself a wife. He had a girlfriend, Bertha, but decides that he wants a city gal instead. Jeff hasn't been around women a great deal and his initial attempt to find one - literally picking them up on a street corner - doesn't work out quite well. Barney suggest that they should drop in on Thelma Lou's hen party where he can meet a lot of the town's single women all at once. Barney is nearly apoplectic however when the girl Jeff decides he wants is Thelma Lou. With Andy's help, they set about trying to convince Jeff that she's not the girl for him.