The Andy Griffith Show/Opie Steps Up in Class

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Opie Steps Up in Class
Airdate October 9, 1967
Writer(s) Joseph Bonaduce
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Howard's Main Event
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Guest Stars: Paul Hartman (Emmett), Joyce Van Patten (Mrs. Hollander), Sandy Kenyon (Mr. Hollander), Ward Ramsey (Mr. Glendon), Ivan Bonar (Mr. Breckenridge), Don Wyndham (Billy), Monty Margetts (Maid), Thom Carney (Chauffer)


Plot Overview

Andy decides to send Opie to a summer camp for a week. It's quite a high class place and quite expensive, but it's just what Andy would have wanted to do when he was Opie's age. Opie makes friends easily and is soon spending time with Billy Hollander, hanging out together and swimming in the Hollanders' backyard pool. When Aunt Bee invites Billy for lunch - and lays on a lavish meal - Andy lays down the law: they are not going to put on airs and start to act like something that they are not; everyone is to act normally and be themselves. When Andy gets invited to the Hollander home for a father-son party, he would do well to have taken his own advice and just be himself. Instead, he puts on airs and it takes a comment from Opie to get back on the right track.