The Andy Griffith Show/Opie's Group

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Opie's Group
Airdate November 6, 1967
Writer(s) Doug Tibbles
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Aunt Bee and the Lecturer
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Guest Stars: George Lindsey (Goober), Paul Hartman (Emmett), Hope Summers (Clara), Sheldon Collins (Arnold), Jim Kidwell (Clifford), Joe Leitch (Wilson), Gary Chase (Jesse), Kay Ann Kemper (Joy)


Plot Overview

Opie gets asked to join a rock and roll band and they take to practicing in the Taylors' garage. Andy isn't too concerned about it all and is happy for the boys when they get their first gig, playing at a friend's birthday party. Soon however, Opie's attitude and behavior begins to chance. The band becomes all-consuming and he is staying out late in the evenings. When he begins to fail tests and assignments at school, Andy decides the time has come to lay down the law. Aunt Bee thinks that they should ask Clara Edwards to have a chat with Opie but Andy is convinced that it will only make matters worse. Aunt Bee goes ahead anyways and Clara's talk has surprising results.