The Andy Griffith Show/Aunt Bee and the Lecturer

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Aunt Bee and the Lecturer
Airdate November 13, 1967
Writer(s) Michael L. Morris & Seaman Jacobs
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Andy's Investment
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Guest Stars: George Lindsey (Goober), Jack Dodson (Howard), Aneta Corsaut (Helen), Hope Summers (Clara)

Special Guest Star: Edward Andrews (Professor St. John)


Plot Overview

Clara Edwards has her sights set on a visiting Professor, Hubert St. John, who comes to Mayberry to give a lecture. He has eyes for only one woman however: Aunt Bee. From the moment they meet, he's taken with her. They are soon dating and going on picnics and spending a great deal of time together. Hubert's interest is simple: Bee is the spitting image of his late wife. Soon, Hubert tells her of the resemblance and is constantly comparing her to his late spouse. Aunt Bee isn't sure what to make of it all but as their visitor continues to prolong his stay in Mayberry, she is sure that a proposal is in the offing. Not wanting to marry just because she reminds Hubert of someone else, she devises a scheme to put him off.