The Andy Griffith Show/Howard's Main Event

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Howard's Main Event
Airdate October 16, 1967
Writer(s) Robert C. Dennis & Earl Barret
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Aunt Bee, the Juror
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Guest Stars: Jack Dodson (Howard), George Lindsey (Goober), Aneta Corsaut (Helen), Arlene Golonka (Millie), Allan Melvin (Clyde Plaunt), Wayne Heffley (Harry)


Plot Overview

Howard takes an interest in a new girl in town, Millie Hutchins, who works in the bakery. After dropping in and flirting with her a few times he asks her out on a date and soon they're spending a good deal of time together. A problem arises however when Millie's old boyfriend, Clyde Plaunt, shows up in town. She's broken off with him and as far as she's concerned it's all over, but he hasn't quite accepted that yet. He takes Howard aside and tells him in no uncertain terms that it would definitely be unhealthy to continue seeing Millie and he had better not see them together again. Howard, who has never been in a fist fight in his life, is in a bit of a quandary but Andy encourages him to stand up for himself now, or he might regret it forever.