The Andy Griffith Show/A Wife for Andy

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A Wife for Andy
Airdate April 15, 1963
Writer(s) Aaron Ruben
Director(s) Bob Sweeney
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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Three

Guest Stars: Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee), Aneta Corsaut (Helen Crump), Barbara Perry (Lavinia), Janet Waldo (Amanda), Rachel Ames (Rosemary), Janet Stewart (Lorraine), Betty Lynn (Thelma Lou)


Plot Overview

After watching Andy fix up Opie's scraped knee, Barney decides the time has come for the Sheriff to take a wife. Andy asks him - actually begs him - not to interfere with his life but Barney just can't help himself. His first trick is to invite all of the single women to Andy's house so that Andy can look them all over. Andy won't hear of it and has Barney ask them to leave. The next trick is to arrange a dinner at Thelma Lou's for Andy and Helen Crump, Opie's teacher. Chatting before dinner, Barney decides Helen's not suitable when she says she can't cook and won't be quitting her teaching job should she ever marry. Barney wants to keep looking but Andy and Helen hit it off pretty well and have a date for the next night. Barney has other ideas.