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The Amazing Screw-On Head - Pilot.jpg
Pilot Episode
Airdate July 27, 2006
Written by Bryan Fuller
Directed by Chris Prynoski
The Amazing Screw-On Head

Pilot is the pilot episode of The Amazing Screw-On Head. It was the first and only episode produced for the series. Emperor Zombie attempts to resurrect a demigod that will allow him to wreck havoc on the world. The only person able to stop Zombie is his arch-nemesis: Amazing Screw-On Head.

Starring: Paul Giamatti (Screw-On Head) and David Hyde Pierce (Emperor Zombie)

With: Patton Oswalt (Mr. Groin), Mindy Sterling (Aggie, Geraldine), Corey Burton (Abraham Lincoln, Professor Fruen)

Guest Starring: Molly Shannon (Patience)


Plot Overview

At the Museum of Dangerous Books and Paper, soldiers prepare for battle when they uncover a tip that it will be attacked by an escaped werewolf. But before Professor Fruen can be evacuated, he's kidnapped by the werewolf, a woman and a monkey following a gun battle between the soldiers and the threesome. Fruen and a special book are taken to the headquarters of Emperor Zombie while Abraham Lincoln briefs Screw-On Head about the attack and its connection with both Zombie and Gung the Magnificent.

Screw-On Head begins his journey in Marrakesh, where he tracks town Lincoln's informant being assaulted by Patience, his former love turned vampire. He attempts to stake her but she evades him by turning into a bat; although the bat is captured by Mr. Groin with a birdcage. Meanwhile, in Emperor Zombie's lair, Professor Fruen is trapped in a giant opium pipe; a pipe which Zombie smokes to absorb all of Fruen's knowledge. With the translation of the scroll at hand, Zombie makes his way to Gung's Temple. Screw-On Head too travels to the temple after his dog picks up a scent from Patience.

Somewhere on the Mississippi River, Zombie opens up the tomb of Gung and climbs inside with his accomplices. He cracks open a box held by Gung's corpse, expecting a powerful jewel to be inside. Instead, he just gets a turnip with a parallel universe in it. Before Zombie has a chance to make contact with the turnip, Screw-On Head shows up with the caged Patience in tow. He threatens her life, but Zombie isn't interested. He summons forth the demigod and offers his assistance as an adviser to the demigod. The demigod accepts this offer after stepping on both Screw-On Head and Mr. Dog. But, Screw-On Head has another trick up his sleeve. Mr. Groin attaches his head to a bigger robot body and Screw-On Head takes the monster down.

The explosion which defeats the monster causes the tomb to flood, leaving Emperor Zombie and Screw-On Head trapped, until Gung retrieves Screw-On Head from the depths of the river. But, before long, Mr. Dog is kidnapped by Patience. Mr. Groin and Screw-On Head debrief Lincoln on the bizarre terrors which lay beyond the Mississippi River, which leads Lincoln to sign the Homestead Act into law.



The Show

Behind the Scenes

  • Sneak Preview: Before it was broadcast on television, this episode was made available on Sci Fi Channel's website as a streaming video. After watching the pilot, viewers were asked to rate the episode. These ratings combined with the Neilsen ratings gave Sci Fi a better idea on whether or not they should order a full season of the series.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


  • Screw-On Head: You let America down.
    Emperor Zombie: You let me down! You went on and on about how sweet the candy was, then told me not to put it in my mouth and got mad at me when I did.
    Screw-On Head: If by "candy", you mean ancient forbidden evil, then yes, I told you not to put it in your mouth.