The 4400/Isabelle: Good or Evil?

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Isabelle Tyler is one of the more perplexing characters on The 4400. There is much mystery surrounding her character and the role she is to play in the plan laid down by the people from the future. This is a list of some of the events and oddities about Isabelle that makes her allegiance unknown:

  • Isabelle is the daughter of Lily Tyler, who returned from her abduction pregnant, and Richard Tyler. Although Isabelle is their daughter, Lily and Richard did not know each other before they reappeared in modern times. It is possible that they met in the future where Lily got pregnant, but only lost their memories upon the return. It's also possible that Isabelle is the product of artifical insemination by those who took Lily to the future.
  • Isabelle has extraordinary powers. However, she has been shown to use these powers for evil. When Lily, Richard, and Isabelle were being chased in the woods by racists, Isabelle used her powers to kill them. This would be a morally grey area, as she did save her family but did so violently. In other instances Isabelle caused her father physical pain (although this is only implied that Isabelle was the culprit) and got her half-sister sick. On the other side, Isabelle was only an infant at this stage and could be argued to have only acted like babies are expected to; with emotion rather than reason. Isabelle also injured Jordan Collier at the stage in which he was attempting to force the Tyler's to stay at the 4400 Center because of his belief in Isabelle's importance. However, this is also a different instance to assign as either good or evil, because Collier's stance is somewhat ambiguous as well.
  • Jordan Collier received a vision from Isabelle telling him that the vision Maia had would not come true. It did, in fact, come true and Jordan was assassinated. This lead many to believe that Isabelle purposedly deceived Jordan to get him killed. Again, this doesn't let us know which side Isabelle is on because Collier is potentially a dangerous character and since later he returns from the dead so it may all have been part of the plan.
  • In the season finale Isabelle miraculously arrived in Shawn's office as a grown women. How she became an adult so quickly has not been revealed, but it is yet another miracle that emphasizes Isabelle's importance in events, whether good or bad.