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Episode 472
Season 3, Episode 114
Airdate June 10, 1982
Production Number 472
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Episode 472 is the one-hundred fourteenth episode of the third season of Texas and the four-hundred seventy-second episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Lurlene tells Joel she can't help worrying about fooling Mavis. Mark agrees to let the girls have the penthouse. Then Ruby runs into Judith who says he plan worked like a charm. Brette asks Grant if it is true about Reena and Justin and he tells her that Judith told her the truth. Judith tells Ruby she took full responsibility. Then George stops by and meets Ruby and shows Judith the pictures he took. Allison asks Reena if she is okay. Ashley tells Paige she was right and should have told Justin instead of Reena. Ashley also says how sorry she is that Justin fired T.J. Then they both wonder why Reena and Justin were in Dallas together. Grant and Brette discuss what happened in Dallas and he asks her to stay out of it. George excuses himself and then Judith tells Mark about the bet between Reena and Justin and what she did. Mark doesn't approve of her forging the note. But Judith tells Mark that she loves Grant and so he tells her he will talk to Grant. Ruby tells Lurlene to call Mavis and tell her she is flying first class and tells her that they are staying in the penthouse. Lurlene and Joel leave for his eye check up when Rikki and Elena arrive. Ruby tells Rikki and Elena about the situation with Mavis and asks Rikki to set something up with the Top of the World Club and asks Elena to help to. Mildred asks Ashley why T.J. isn't working at Marshall Oil but Ashley tells her to talk to T.J. about it and then the ladies have words. Brette arrives at Reena's office. George flirts with Judith a bit. Mark tries to explain Judith's motives to Grant. Reena tries to explain to Brette that the bet was made a long time ago and that nothing was going to happen. Brette tells Reena she doesn't understand and that she was wrong to think she was better for Grant than Judith. Mark asks Brette to give Judith another chance. Ashley tells Allison that she and T.J. were engaged at one time and that Reena found out and told Justin when they met in Dallas last night. Reena asks for some time off to decide if she should resign. Mildred asks Paige what is going on but she tells her to talk to T.J. about it. Joel tells Ruby the eye doctor was encouraging. Then Ruby adds that they are taking Mavis to the Spindle Top and Lurlene isn't happy about all of Ruby's plans. Ashley asks Reena what she was doing in Dallas with her husband. Reena tells Ashley about the bet with Justin.



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