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Episode 384
Season 3, Episode 26
Airdate February 8, 1982
Production Number 384
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Episode 384 is the twenty-sixth episode of the third season of Texas and the three-hundred eighty-fourth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Vicky arrives at Hunt's bar. Mr. Hannibal awaits Ashley's arrival. Ashley reminds Justin and Gregory that she has a hair dressers appointment. Lurlene learns from Kate that they found a body and that the sheriff is involved and then Lurlene decides she needs to call Ruby. Ashley tells Allison she is not trying to smother her but protect her, but Allison doesn't agree. Ryan tells Kate that Steve talks about the body non-stop. Kate tells Ryan that she told Lurlene about the body. Gretchen stops by and asks Lurlene is everything is all right. Hunt tries to guess what Vicky does for a living and then reminds her of the promise she made the last time she was in. While Lurlene is out of the room Gretchen looks around and then as the girls chat Ruby arrives with Rikki. While Justin is talking to Gregory about the new additive and the racecar, Gregory mentions the idea of selling the additive all over the country and not just in Houston. Hunt talks Vicky into singing. Justin tells T.J. he is going national with the additive and T.J. tells him he doesn't have the money to do that. Allison comes to the ranch to see Ryan. Allison brings Ryan some important papers he forgot to sign. T.J. and Paige talk about Ashley's money over dinner. Hawker and Boots tell Justin that they think they can help him. Gretchen leaves and then Ruby gets rid of Rikki and Lurlene tells her that they found Beau's body. Hawker and Boots tell Justin how they can help him with oil leases but they don't tell him what they want in return. Ashley tells Hannibal that she has come to give him a warning. Vicky sings and then Hunt tells her what a great job she did and convinces her to seeing another number. T.J. and Paige enjoy their dinner together. Ashley tells Hannibal to stay away from Gregory. Ruby tells Lurlene she is so sorry she got her involved in the mess with Beau. Someone is firing a gun at a target. Hannibal tells Ashley to leave her money in his companies. Paige sees Ashley coming out of a room with Mr. Hannibal and asks Ashley who the man is.


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