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Episode 380
Season 3, Episode 22
Airdate February 2, 1982
Production Number 380
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TexasSeason Three
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Episode 380 is the twenty-second episode of the third season of Texas and the three-hundred eightieth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Brette tells Mark she wants to talk to him about Dad and Mom. Allison introduces Reena to a friend of her Aunt Hildy's named Mrs. Austere. Miles gets the address of Ruby Wright. Gretchen arrives at Ruby and Lurlene's. Brette tells Mark that Grant is going to try to speed up the divorce. Mrs. Austere decides to do business with Reena on her leases. Rikki learns from Mark that Brette has gone to visit a friend. Reena tells Allison that she has earned her trust. Gretchen leaves and then Ruby and Lurlene get ready to get rid of Beau. Miles isn't happy to see Brette at his place. Reena questions Vicky about where she was last night but she never does tell her. Miles tells Brette he doesn't want to see her again until this is all over. Ruby and Lurlene get beau out of the trunk and then open the door to Vicky and Ruby shuts it again. Ruby and Lurlene put Beau back in the trunk and then Vicky gives them some towels as a house warming gift. Reena shows Mark the deal with Mrs. Austere that Allison helped her get. Vicky come home and finds Striker in the house. John teaches Vivien how to play Chess and then Brette arrives and learns the Rikki had stopped by to see her. Mark tells Grant if there is anything he can do to help with the divorce to let him know and then Reena arrives. Striker tells Vicky everything is OK he is just very busy and didn't plan on calling because he knew he had to leave right away again and then he does. Reena and Allison tell Grant what a good job Allison did. But Grant wonders about repercussions that Allison may face with Justin. Brette comes by the station and tells Rikki about her visit to Miles and he comforts her. Miles pulls a gun on Ruby and asks where Beau is. Lurlene sneaks up behind Miles and knocks him out.


  • This was Ernie Garrett's final appearance as Mark Wheeler.


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