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Episode 276
Season 2, Episode 170
Airdate September 2, 1981
Production Number 276
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TexasSeason Two
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Episode 276 is the one-hundred seventieth episode of the second season of Texas and the two-hundred seventy-sixth episode overall.


Guest Starring: Tom T. Hall (Himself)



Plot Overview

Ruby introduces Rikki to Tom T. Hall and then Rikki tells her that he doesn't want to sing at the Coop. Lurlene learns that Kate is suing Justin over the mineral rights and then Justin arrives with Ashley to have dinner with them. Dennis surprises Paige at the Top of the World Club. Dennis tells Paige he is having lunch with a very pretty model. Rikki tells Ruby he wants to branch out at sing at the Top of the World Club so Ruby says she will go and speak to Paige. Kate and Ginny tell Justin to go back to the city because he is going to lose. Ginny tells Justin that he will lose against Grant and Ryan. Dennis asks Paige when she will be leaving Houston but she doesn't intend to leave. Tom T. Hall sings at the Coop. Ruby talks to Paige about Rikki singing at the Top of the World Club. Elena tells Joe she is about ready to leave town but before they do she wants him to give the money back. Ashley tries to make peace between Kate and Justin. Paige agrees to let Rikki sing. Elena and Joe disagree over giving the money back. Ginny and Lurlene talk about Lurlene's not having money to go back to college. Ruby arrives at Elena's. Elliot shows up to see Paige and while Paige is telling Elliot that she doesn't want to see him, Dennis sees them. Justin tells Ashley he will get the oil on the Marshall property one way or the other. Lurlene goes home to get some financial papers. Elena doesn't want to sing at the Coop but then Ruby finds Joe in the bathroom. Dennis tells Elliot that he lied to him about his relationship with Paige and then throws a glass at her. Ashley tells Justin she made a sort of peace with Kate and she doesn't want him messing it up. Kate tells Ginny that Lurlene went to her place to some papers. Bubba grabs Lurlene.



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