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Episode 198
Season 2, Episode 92
Airdate May 13, 1981
Production Number 198
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Episode 198 is the ninety-second episode of the second season of Texas and the one-hundred ninety-eighth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

In jail, Paige tries to get word to Dennis. Dennis tells Elliot that he killed Chris not Paige. Vicky and Striker discuss Paige's innocence. While going over Elena's itinerary with her Billy Joe gets a call saying Nita is having her baby. Billy Joe tells Elena that he has to go be with Nita. Striker tells Vicky he knows why Reena wanted so much money. Elliot tells Dennis to wait until after the hearing to confess because he can't be certain that he killed Chris. A nervous Elena decides to take a pill but the bottle is empty and then Skip arrives. A nurse at Gulf Coast tells Billy Joe that they have no record of Nita being admitted. Elliot tells Dennis to at least talk to Paige before he confesses to the police. Striker tells Vicky that Iris was being blackmailed and Reena was trying to help raise the money and then a proud Vicky tells him that she wishes she and Reena were closer. Skip offers Elena a pill to calm her down but she doesn't want to take it. The nurse suggests that Billy Joe call the other hospitals in the area. Dennis asks Paige's forgiveness and says he can prove she is innocent. Courtney tells Maggie that Kate isn't doing too well with the news about Paige and she wonders if Paige is guilty or not. Then Maggie gets a frantic phone call from Billy Joe and then Nita walks in. Maggie tells Nita that Billy Joe heard she was having the baby and is all over town looking for her in hospitals. Skip convinces Elena to take a pill. Dennis tells Paige that he killed Chris and must tell the police but Paige convinces him to wait until after the hearing. Courtney, Nita and Maggie try to figure out who would play a mean joke like this on Billy Joe. Joe watches over an unconscious Elena. Elliot and Dennis learn from Striker that Paige will have to go to trial and that bail was denied. Billy Joe walks into Maggie's and sees Nita. Pete and Joe take Elena from the trailer.


  • Portions of this episode were interrupted by 2 NBC News Special Reports of the assassination attempt of Pope John Paul II with John Chancellor.
  • This episode aired again the next day, only without any news reports.


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