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Wait, I don't understand how this term works. The general format for almost every show I see on TV that's a drama is the previously, then the teaser, then the opening credits, then act one of the show through the end to the end credits. I guess Arrested Development does just straight up credits first and then the show, but that's the only one I can think of that does that. Is a cold opening the first thing I described or are you referring to like the random episodes of Veronica Mars that are slightly longer than normal and thus they just skip the opening credits and put those credits into the episode itself?--Boco_T 03:25, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)

  • The first. It's any open where the opening credit sequence appears after any actual content. If the first thing you see is the opening credits, then it's not a cold open. --Fezz(Ryvius) 03:38, 17 Sep 2005 (EDT)