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The Switch
Season 2, Episode 2
Airdate April 21, 1990
Screenplay by Richard Tuggle and
Michael Taav
Directed by Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Tales from the CryptSeason Two

The Switch is the second episode of the second season of Tales from the Crypt, and the eighth episode overall. Carlton Webster is rich, old, and in love. However the woman whom he loves doesn't feel the same way, and he'll do anything money can buy to change that.

Starring: William Hickey (Carlton Webster), Rick Rossovich (Hans), Kelly Preston (Linda), Roy Brocksmith (Mad Scientist), Ian Abercrombie (Fulton), J. Patrick McNamara (Doctor)

Cast: John Kassir (voice of the Crypt Keeper), Renata Scott (Female Patient), Tish Smiley (Nurse), Christopher Lawford (Manager), Mark Pellegrino (Punk), Kendall McCarthy (Doorman), Spiro Razatos (Stunt), Bill Lucas, Ted Barba (Stunt Punks)

Uncredited: Arnold Schwarzenegger (X-Con), Renée O'Connor (Waitress)


Plot Overview

Carlton Webster is an old rich man who has fallen in love with a younger woman. However, Fulton, his butler, is afraid that perhaps she is interested in Carlton only for his money, and does not truly love him. Fortunately, Carlton has already thought of this, and so has not yet told Linda about his fortune.

However when he goes to Linda and asks her to marry him, stressing that he does not have very much money, she says that she could not marry him because of his old face. Carlton goes to a plastic surgeon who suggests several changes, such as facial lifts and bone restructuring, but Carlton says that he wants to look like he did at 30. For this the surgeon sends Carlton to a mad scientist who says he has invented a new procedure that mainstream science has not accepted. However this surgery will come at a price: 1 million dollars.

Carlton finds out that the reason for the high price is that the surgery will require his face traded with that of another man, Hans. Hans agrees because he wants the money. However following the surgery Linda is not impressed, she says that his face looks bizarre and that the rest of his body is still old. And so Carlton goes back for yet another surgery with Hans. This time he has gotten a brand new torso and a face that matches Hans' exactly, though at a price of 2 million dollars. He goes to Linda yet again, who this time seems to be in love.

However when she sees him in his swimming outfit she is disgusted by his scrawny legs. And so Carlton goes back for the last surgery, 3 million dollars for the rest of Hans' body. Carlton goes to Linda but sees that she has moved out of her apartment and into a rich building downtown. Carlton goes to her new apartment and sees that she is fabulous wealthy, asks for her hand in marriage, but she says that she is already married. What she was looking for in marriage was financial security, and Carlton can not give her that, but another man can. Hans.


  • In the introduction Crypt Keeper is dressed in the attire of an old man weightlifter. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears, and introduces the episode.


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