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TV 2 is the second terrestrial nation-wide channel in Denmark. It was launched in 1988, funded by both advertising and licence fees and owned by the Danish government. In 2004 the licence funding of the nation-wide channel was stopped.




TV 2 Early ident.jpg

An early computer animated logo from TV 2.

TV 2 Reklamer early.jpg

Until 1997, the part that handled the commersials and the funding was separated from the rest of TV 2. Before and after the commersials an animation with the "TVR" logo (R for Reklamer, commersials) was shown. In the beginning there were few slots for commersials on TV 2, but they increased gradually.


TV 2 Ident.jpg

Later in the '90s and the TV 2 logo would appear like this before commercials...

TV 2 Reklamer 90s.jpg

...then the logo would flip and the TVR logo appears (vice versa after the commercials).


TV 2 Kongeriget.jpg

The graphics package where the image on the right comes from was probably in use around the late '90s/early '00s. This is a pre-programme slide where the announcer is presenting the Danish comedy series Kongeriget for børn.

TV 2 Reklamer 4.jpg

This image comes from the film shown at the end of commercial slots.


TV 2 Reklamer 1.jpg

Yet another graphics package, somewhat built on the previous one. Pictured on the right is the film shown at the start of commercials.

TV 2 Om lidt Airport.jpg

A "coming up" menu.


TV 2 Doris og John.jpg

In the next edition of the TV 2 graphics the logo was shrinked. The break graphics contained still pictures of "regular Danish citizens".

TV 2 Start-up 2005.jpg

A start-up menu shown before the programmes start. In the summer, TV 2's morning show Go' morgen Danmark (Good Morning Denmark) isn't shown, so the mornings are filled with children's programmes.