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TV4 is a Swedish television channel. It started broadcasting on satellite in 1990 and was awarded a license for terrestrial broadcasting in 1991. It has since then been the most popular commercial channel in Sweden. The analogue terrestrial broadcasting ended October 15th, 2007.



Launch presentation

TV4 Presenter early 90s.jpg

An early example of announcer Kristina Wijk (now married Svahn) introducing Thomas the Tank Engine right before the news at seven.

Early '90s

TV4 Ident 1a.jpg

The launch graphics were replaced by these after some time. The idents contained graphical element that would spin around on the screen...

TV4 Ident 1b.jpg

...and then the "4" would appear in a way similar to a radar display.

TV4 Reklam 2.jpg

A commercial break. There where no interruptions in programmes in those days however, since the government wouldn't allow that.

TV4 Ident Morning.jpg

A morning version.

TV4 New year.jpg

Fireworks for the new year.

TV4 Christmas 1.jpg

A red and golden version for christmas.

TV4 Christmas 2.jpg

Another christmas edition.

TV4 Martin Örnroth.jpg

The presentation back-ground was often changed. This example show Martin Örnroth introducing an episode of MASH in the late hours.

TV4 Listings Mid-90s.jpg

Programme listings.


TV4 Ident purple.jpg

New graphics came when the channel moved to its new location in Frihamen, Stockholm.

TV4 Reklam purple.jpg

Commercial break graphics.


TV4 2000 Drop.jpg

Days before the new millennium a new graphical package was rolled out. The identification was called "getting closer" because TV4 wanted to "get closer" to their viewers.

TV4 2000 Dog Reklam.jpg

The "4" symbol was shrinked and taken out of its three-dimensional world and now appeared on top of real photage.

TV4 Dices.jpg

Another break bumper. The jingles after the breaks were the same, but without the word "REKLAM".

TV4 2000 Bio4.jpg

The weekend film ident also got a makeover.

TV4 Reklamsting 2.jpg

In 2002, TV4 were allowed to break programmes to show commercial. Before the in-programme breaks, a little jingle like the one pictured on the right was shown.


TV4 Aquarium.jpg

The graphics package was totally replaced on March 5, 2004. The new graphics are based on round forms. The logo now appeared somewhat larger on screen.

TV4 Lava lamp green.jpg

In spring 2005 several new idents came. These contained lava lamps and some kind of basket which appeared in different colors. The picture on the right show a green lava lamp, but the lava lamp ident also came in red and yellow colors.

TV4 Fan.jpg

This ident (showing a fan) was introduced in the summer 2005 along with several others (such as maritime "rope" ident). These new idents contained new sound tracks, the "fan" ident being accompanied by an "asian"-like tune.

TV4 Boston Public promotion.jpg

A promo on TV4 would look like this.